2014 NFL Draft order: Saints, Browns root for Chargers

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James Brady, SBNation
Posted: Saturday, January 11, 2014, 11:37 PM

Nothing was locked in on Saturday, but with two Divisional games in the books, the next four picks in the 2014 NFL Draft are shaping up.

The first slate of Divisional games have wrapped up Saturday, and while there's no new picks locked in for the 2014 NFL Draft, there's a few things worth noting. The San Diego Chargers don't play until Sunday when they will take on the Denver Broncos, and as the team with the lowest winning percentage in the playoffs, what happens to them will determine where Saturday's losers pick.

Coming into this weekend's games, we knew that picks 1-24 are already locked in, with the Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals locking themselves in at 21-24 with losses in the Wild Card round.

On Saturday, the New Orleans Saints fell to the Seattle Seahawks on the NFC side, and the Indianapolis Colts fell to the New England Patriots in the AFC. Both the Saints and the Colts were 11-5 in the regular season, though the Colts had a lower strength of schedule. This means that the Colts will definitely pick before the Saints -- or rather the Cleveland Browns will, as they hold Indy's first-round pick.

But as to whether they'll pick at 25 or 26, we won't know until the Chargers play. The same goes for the Saints and pick No. 26 or 27. If the Chargers lose, then it's Indianapolis at 26 and New Orleans at 27.

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