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kate-hospitalWhat’s the first thing a woman does when she discovers she’s pregnant?

Why, pop down to the village pub for a little drinkie-poo, of course!

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kate-hospitalAre Prince William and Kate Middleton the new King and Queen of Commuters?

Call them “the Incognitos.”

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kate-middleton-hatKate Middleton’s family has a man and a plan.

The people who are not born into royalty have decided to morph into royalty.

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kate-babyKate Middleton and Prince William’s son, George, has just turned one year old.

But he’s not smiling about it.  http://time.com/3006166/prince-george-birthday-photo-kate-middleton-william/

At least, not in any photographs released by  “the Cambridges,” as the couple popularly known as “Willy and Waity” now call themselves, having ditched William’s proper legal surname of “Mountbatten-Windsor.”  Or just plain “Windsor,” as in the Queen’s technically legal surname. 

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pippaYou remember Pippa Middleton, don’t you?

She’s Kate Middleton’s younger sister—the one who was the older bridesmaid at Kate’s royal wedding to Prince William.

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kate-hospitalKate and Wills were no-shows at the royal Ascot races.
And again, and again, and again.
What gives?

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kate-middleton-hatKate Middleton’s very public rehabilitation continues apace.

But always with an occasional hiccup.

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Did Kate Middleton suddenly grow an enormously long moustache?

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kate-flowersKate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is definitely in exile.

Is her Prozac kicking in?

I’m just kidding!  

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Letizia Princess of AsturiasDo you feel those soapy suds and warm water trickling down your neck?
London’s newspaper, The Mail, is trying to brainwash you.
The Mail is trying to make you feel better about Kate Middleton being a British royal.
Do you feel better? Or are those just soapsuds in your eyes?
The Mail is trying to make you think that Kate Middleton is the equal or better of Spain’s Princess Letizia, the sexy, brainy bombshell who married Crown Prince Felipe and is now slated to become Spain’s new queen by virtue of the just-announced abdication of Felipe’s father, the long-ruling King Juan Carlos.
Don’t let the soap bubbles get into your eyes!

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