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 kate-wedDo Baby Boy Prince George and his Italian nanny have their own personal stalker?

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kate-babyKate Middleton and Prince William’s son, George, has just turned one year old.

But he’s not smiling about it.  http://time.com/3006166/prince-george-birthday-photo-kate-middleton-william/

At least, not in any photographs released by  “the Cambridges,” as the couple popularly known as “Willy and Waity” now call themselves, having ditched William’s proper legal surname of “Mountbatten-Windsor.”  Or just plain “Windsor,” as in the Queen’s technically legal surname. 

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Kate Middleton and Flopsy Mopsy do Mustique
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 08:25

kate-flowersThe photos of Kate Middleton getting off the plane in Mustique with Baby George are out there, but finding them is a bit of a challenge.
The word is that Kate Middleton will NOT be suing the paparazzi who took them.

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bling-thing 5The Bishop wore bling!

Or, as the rappers say, he wore a "Jesus piece."

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beatriceWhat can you say about those Facebook pics of Princess Beatrice that are now zooming around the internet?

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kate-babyWhat’s the London buzz?

It’s not a dainty little honeybee buzz, no sirree!

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