• Governor Edwards releases Hurricane Irma tabletop preparation information
  • New Orleans: Beauregard Monument, UNO growth, Jim Croce, Francophonie
  • Louisiana city seeks New Orleans Pelicans, sports ops, for economic development
  • DACA: Trump, Sessions statements, Obama replies, America's Voice speaks

irma bermudaWith Hurricane Irma is bearing down upon the Carribean as a potential Tropical Storm 5 and will most likely hit the mainland United States with devastating results, the Louisiana Governor's office is working to be prepared.  

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beauregardAs one knows, there's plenty of news, features, events in New Orleans as the city moves into September. Today, here are news releases involving Beauregard Monument, Jim Croce, Tour du Monde de la Francophonie and good news from UNO.

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Who’s doing the research?

    Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler says she is counting on sports to revitalize the downtown area – more specifically, Cross Bayou..

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sessions hearingToday, President Donald Trump through his Attorney General issued a statement calling for the termination of DACA but with a six month opportunity for Congress to pass legislation that could save the deportation of roughly 800,000 people.

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Saturday, 26 August 2017 15:37

Trump Week: Arpaio, Gorka, Cohn, Transgenders; Mueller Reality waiting? Featured

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trump circusSome believe it's all a 3 ring circus.  Others prefer using the simple word, "Chaos".

Regardless, welcome to Trump Weekend special, August 26, 2017 Edition.

Regardless what you might call it, it's never boring. Hardly a moment goes by without controversial tweet or insult.


This weekend is no different. Eye-opening. Frantic. Angry.

This weekend features Sebastian Gorka, that deep-voiced protectionist of Donald Trump, a darling of the far-right wing, the ying to Steve Bannon's yang,  now joining his former Breitbarter into the fog of the fired-from the Trump White House club?  Too bad.

And, the pardoning an 85-year-old birther sheriff from Arizona, Joe Arpaio by a birther President;  

And, Gary Cohn,  the director of the National Economic Council, publicly airing his disappointment about Trump’s Charlottesville comments followed by a chorus of "Resign, Cohn, Resign".

And, Trump’s transgender ban which John McCain claims is “a step in the wrong direction” and which arguably now puts the military in a position of being anti-gay. 

Which is the most interesting news story this weekend in Trump Week? Arpaio, Gorka, Cohn Transgenders or the Hurricane send off? Tell us below


And, the President giving Texas, a "good luck" nod and a Friday night breaking-news dump as a category 4 Hurricane readied to slam into Texas promising to make  the southeastern part of the state into a bowl of soup?  

It caps another maddening week of this Reality TV series that started June 2015, one escalator ride down from the tower.  The show has a big future. If all goes well, it's scheduled for a four-year run, unless, of course, it's pre-empted by a promising new investigative project, now on pilot, called “Mueller” 

Stay Tuned

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