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The secret lies of Putin's, Trump's Republicans' anti-Rosenstein, Mueller assaults

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“We declared clearly that the Russian government did not meddle in U.S. processes, does not meddle and moreover did not meddle in the 2016 elections,” according to Putin aide, Yuri Ushakov, as reported by the New York Times.

It’s reassuring that Russia can still be trusted, though there’s a worry about the triple negative Ushakov uses in his general denial. Math aside, the president, allegedly, will straighten it all out when he meets in summit with Vladimir Putin next month, at which time superlatives will be expressed and best smiles flashed. The event, however, could do some good if it’s a substantive meet and not a P.R. stunt.

Trump ought to tell Putin about how U.S. intelligence agencies are going to screw with Russia if it’s so stupid as to get caught meddling again, or even thinks about brokering information with a stateless enemy like Julian Assange. The diplomacy barring Assange’s participation in the 2016 election inquiry will be ended, in the quickest way, by dousing Ecuador in dollars until he is booted out of their London embassy, MI6 arrests him, and Her Majesty’s Government extradites to the U.S. 

On a less lofty plane, in the house, Curt Gowdy, (R) SC, implored the attorney general for the Russia investigation, Rod Rosenstein, to take his evidence to the grand jury ASAP. Jim Jordan, (R) TX, was more aggressive, didn’t say please, and insulted Rosenstein, personally. When you’re the Department of Justice, though, you might seek a sealed order not to reveal sensitive information within the court’s jurisdiction until further notice. 

It’s getting old hearing that the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the traffic cop at Dupont Circle are all out to get Donald Trump. Even if they were, which they aren’t, there are better ways to handle such a situation than congressmen bellowing and sending Rudy Giuliani on the road to do a Da Nang USO show at midnight. The Walter Mittyish Rosenstein deflected Jordan who looked, and sounded, like a bully. Rosenstein, in essence, calmly told him it’ll be over when it’s over, and not before.

Jordan’s tirade included a congressional demand for access to FISA court materials of a type that haven’t been within the purview of the legislative branch since Marbury vs. Madison.

The law is plain that exercises of a court’s discretion are presumed to be valid and it’s, also, true that if a court errs, it must be a material error for a tribunal’s decision making to be vacated. Nowhere is the right to such determinations given to legislators. Jordan, pointedly, isn’t attacking just the FBI and Justice Department but, in an even more unusual and risky gambit, is attacking the judicial function and that’s out of his jurisdiction.

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