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Donald Trump controversies soar over Muslims, so will he win? Take the poll

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questionCan Donald Trump win the GOP nomination?  Will he?

As the Iowa caucuses approach, more people are saying yes, while, of course, others are scratching their heads, wondering what hit them, and exclaiming, “NO”.


Even after almost daily blowups with other candidates, the media, elected officials and now foreign businessmen and royalty, Trump’s poll numbers appear to be soaring.

Poll-wise (as shown by Real Time Politics, in the WBUR/MassInc New Hampshire poll, Trump leads Christie by 15.  In the WSB/Landmark survey of Georgia Republicans, he’s ahead of his next competitor, by a whopping 27 points.

The CBS/NY Times poll of republicans throughout the nation 19 points ahead of Ted Cruz.

Yep, you read it—leads in New Hampshire and Georgia by 15 and 27 points and a national lead of 19. 

After perhaps his most controversial mop-up, the call upon the US to deny entry to Muslims, some immediately responded by saying Trump has “gone to far, this time”.

However, so far, the numbers don’t show any decline.  On November 22, only a couple of weeks ago, Trump was ahead in two national polls, the CNN/Washington Post and the Fox News surveys, by 10 points nationally.

So, will he win the GOP nomination, assuming the National Republican Party doesn’t pull the plug on his nomination with a brokered convention?  Take our poll and let us know.


Also, please watch the video, WILL TRUMP WIN?



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