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Crouere: New Orleans Police should evict Black Nationalist Group squatters

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deed 3New Orleans is a city with a decimated police force, a high violent crime rate, horrific streets, and a chronic Black unemployment rate. It also a city with a Mayor who is more interested in removing Confederate monuments and fighting global warming than solving these critical issues.

Now, thanks to the reporting of Robert McClendon of the Times Picayune, New Orleans citizens are aware of another problem, threats to home ownership. In the Bywater neighborhood, members of a Black Nationalist group, the Washitah Mu’ur Nation, have illegally invaded a vacant home that is rightfully owned by Fredrick Hines, a real estate investor, who is trying to sell the property.

The squatters changed the locks, brought in furniture and a pool table and, in effect, have taken ownership of the property. Needless to say, this outraged Mr. Hines who called the police and showed them his property deed, but, since the nationalists produced some fictitious paperwork claiming ownership as well, the police did nothing and allowed the squatters to continue to reside in a property they do not own. According to McClendon, “Police said that, because both parties had papers, there was nothing they could do.”  

Neighbors are also outraged and are worried their house might be next. The police have reported that this group has pulled similar stunts with other properties in the Bywater area and one of them is still under their control.

The whole episode is beyond outrageous and shows the fecklessness of the NOPD when dealing with black activists such as the Washitah Mu’ur Nation. In fact, these nationalists also claim to own large swaths of the Gulf South, tracing their roots to an imaginary tribe of ancestors who supposedly built large earthen mounds and lived in this area before Europeans originally traveled to the region and before it became part of the United States of America. They also claim that Napoleon did not sell large land areas to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase, only the streets of New Orleans.

The NOPD should immediately end this charade and support the property owner by evicting the crazy squatters. They are the criminals who are engaging in unlawful trespassing. Unfortunately, the squatters are unwilling to leave and have posted signs warning against trespassing.

In the meantime, Hines must spend several hundred dollars to go through the eviction process. He also will be unable to sell the property since no one will be interested in buying a property that his realtor can’t show under the present circumstances. Since the locks have been changed and squatters have settled in, no sale will be taking place anytime soon.

A NOPD spokesman said that action may be taken against the group if “we are able to obtain enough evidence.” How ridiculous, as it is clear the evidence is overwhelming in this case. Of course, the real issue is not a lack of evidence, but a lack of political willpower.  


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