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John Bel Edwards, Louisiana legislature still at odds while victims plead

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young mother testifiesWhile some legislators tearing up today hearing the tough tales from Louisiana voters who appear to be on the losing side of the budget, the state of urgency in the State of Louisiana, is not there yet, or so it seems.

Today, the public in a Senate hearing are voicing their frustrations and concerns about anticipated cuts.

For example, here is a video of a young mother who is taking care of her son is stricken with a disability requiring her to resuscitate her son nightly because he is suffering from a condition in which he simply stops breathing.  The video is edited and the hearing can be found on the Senate website.  The mother seems to understand that cuts must be made and that fraud and abuse must end.  However, she makes the case that legislators should be persuaded to put faces before numbers.

However, the Associated Press is reporting that after Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards tried Wednesday to persuade Republican lawmakers in a closed session, but apparently, he is empty-handed. 

"With a week to go, we're still far short of where we need to be, and I encouraged them to pick up the pace and give serious consideration to some instruments on the revenue side," Edwards said after the meeting.

Asked whether he was confident lawmakers would reach a deal to address both budget gaps with time running short, Edwards replied: "I'm obviously becoming increasingly concerned about that."

Unfortunately, the issue is not that certain legislators and the public are insensitive to the needs of others.  The real problem is--due to the oil crises, gross fiscal mismanagement by the Bobby Jindal administration and the legislator’s enabling and abetting the governor as he entertained his presidential folly, the state now suffers gravely with limited revenues to cover growing needs of the populace it serves.

To further illustrate, here are a few tweets that reflect the divide under which the legislators and the governor are trying to govern.

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