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Obama plays Castro's Cuban baseball game, while Brussels under terror

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obama castro 5Once again, President Obama is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Today, it was Havana, Cuba, the home of the tyrannical Castro brothers, murderous communist dictators.

Today, the President concluded his historic visit to the island nation. It was the first official trip by a U.S. President since Calvin Coolidge 88 years ago. 



The net effect of the visit is that Cuba scored massive propaganda points. They will soon start cashing in on more tourism and economic assistance. While the embargo is officially in place, the President is pleading with Congress to open up the economic floodgates to the communist nation. 

The impact of more economic ties will be that the Castro brothers and their cronies will become wealthier, but the average Cuban will continue to suffer under communism. The Cubans will not open up their society or even release their political prisoners. In fact, the dictator Raul Castro even denies there are any political prisoners in Cuba. 

In an interesting slight, when President Obama arrived in Cuba, neither of the Castro brothers greeted him at the Havana airport. Later, Raul Castro joined the President at a press briefing in which he has the audacity to lecture Americans about our civil rights record. 

It was an amazing display of hypocrisy since it is the Castro regime that has conducted mass murders and still organizes daily repression of all types of freedoms in the country. He was lecturing a country where people are guaranteed constitutional rights only dreamed of in Cuba. 

In a tragic irony, as the President was concluding the trip, terrorists struck in Brussels, Belgium. It was almost certainly an ISIS attack struck that targeted two locations, including the airport, killing at least 31 innocent people and injuring hundreds of others. 

This is only the latest in a long line of jihadist attacks that have been going on for decades throughout the world. In fact, in recent months, ISIS has been effectively striking Western targets with seeming ease. In December, there were gruesome attacks throughout Paris, France and in January ISIS terrorists killed 14 innocent people in San Bernardino, CA.   

The Brussels bombings are no exception; however, the Obama administration will continue with the facade of labeling the attacks “extremism.” The President is overly concerned about Muslim sensitivities and, as a result, the truth is a casualty. 

Currently, there is no worldwide extremism other than Muslim extremism. Members of other religions are not organizing terror attacks in multiple countries targeting innocent people, but the President refuses to confront this truth. 

In his remarks from Cuba, he spent just 51 seconds on the terror attacks, reserving most of his time to extol the virtues of the communist regime in Cuba. This was astonishing neglect toward a major terror attack that deserved much more of a response from the leader of the free world.   

Sadly, the U.S. President has the wrong values and the wrong friends. He should not be doing deals with Islamic clerics in Iran or communist dictators in Cuba. In Egypt, he tried to support in every way possible a corrupt Muslim Brotherhood regime led by Jew and Christian hating Mohamed Morsi, but fortunately, the Egyptian people overthrew the radical Islamic theocracy and installed a pro-secular and military leader in General el-Sisi. 

In the final few months of the Obama administration, Americans may find the President doing more deals with enemies of the country. Possibly, the President might try to open the door to relations with the dictatorial madman in North Korea. 

Whatever he does it will not be in the best interest of his country. 

Today, our military is facing dangerous cutbacks and our financial situation is precarious. Thus, he will leave office with our country in a weakened state and our enemies growing in power and influence. 

No wonder, Bill Clinton recently admitted that the past eight years have left “an awful legacy.” Slick Willie doesn’t normally get it right, but, every now and then, the truth catches up to him.  




Jeff Crouere

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