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Trump's advisor spills beans; Obama gives Cruz the Cuban shuffle; Wives exposed?

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trump beansThe Republican party primary season moves from the strange to the bizarre as front-running Donald Trump and US Sen. Ted Cruz continue their unholy war against one another.  This time, the battle ground are their wives, a photo, an ad and beans.  Meanwhile one of Trump’s new foreign-policy consultants appears to be walking back Trump statement regarding torture.  Also, Cruz decides to make a strong statement over the terrorist attack but instead, gets blasted from the sidelines, by President Obama.  


Donald Trump has been accusing Ted Cruz campaign of promoting an ad showing a near-naked model photo of the billionaire's wife Melania.  The ad and photo has been pushed by a third-party organization Super PAC against the Trump candidacy.  Trump has alleged that Cruz has been involved in the ad and as a result, has threatened the Texan Senator via a tweet, specifically saying "be careful….I won't spill the beans on the wife".

Trump has not named the type of beans, nor, has he discussed just what the beans just might reveal.


Trump’s own foreign policy advisor appears to be walking back a recent statement Trump made regarding torture.  Trump told NBC that harsh interrogation techniques including torture could have prevented the Belgium bombing.

Walid Phares, a new Trump foreign policy advisor has stepped Trump's statement back a bit, by stating,

“This is a reaction to a very complex and difficult and challenging situation,” Phares said. “I think Mr. Trump, because we are in a political season, he’s making those statements, but when he will come to the White House … then he’s gonna be tasking experts to answer that question, and I’m not sure that the experts are gonna recommend any form of torture.”

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Only fair for Pres. Barack Obama to get into the act while the going is good.   Cruz said yesterday that he proposes adding surveillance and policing heavily populated Muslim areas in the United States for terrorists activites, 

Cruz told the NBC Today Show, "What I'm talking about is focusing law enforcement and national security resources on areas on locations where there is a higher incidence of radical Islamic terrorism”.  Cruz stated this type of activity would be within normal policing methods as if the community was a high-crime zone.

Obama responded today” "I just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance," said President Obama, commenting in Argentina after his visit to Cuba. "Which, by the way, the father of Senator Cruz escaped for America."




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