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Louisiana GOP staff keeps the blame-Edwards "devil made me do it" raise tax fundraiser

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The Louisiana GOP must believe that the more it says the word, "liberal media', John Bel Edwards and taxes, the richer it will get.

Once again, the Louisiana Republican Party has sent out a campaign appeal, suggesting the "mean-old liberal media" is out to get it, therefore, it needs more of your money.  The party staff, on Monday, urged that the dollars keep ka-chinging:

Here's the most recent e-missive:
After promising not to raise taxes during his campaign, Governor John Bel Edwards calls for a special session of the Legislature and forces a massive tax hike on the people of Louisiana. 
After standing up to Gov. Edwards, we are slammed by the liberal media.  They won't allow anyone to fight for the taxpayer.
This month has been one for the history books, and we need your help to make sure we stay in the fight.
Will you make a donation before the end of the month? We have to hit our monthly goals, and frankly, we need your help to do so.
Our online donation system is available 24 hours a day to securely take your contribution.
Thank you,
Republican Party of Louisiana

Please, for those wanting to contribute to the cause, please go ahead.  There are many good reasons to do so. But, before writing your check to fund the salaries of the state GOP, you might want to ask yourself first--are they trying to dupe me?  Is this the same party staff or leadership that is telling its members that it followed its own rules to a "T", and acted in a totally kosher way and that as a result, Ted Cruz deserves more delegates than Donald Trump, who beat Cruz, handsomely?  

If you are not concerned that things don't smell up there in the Baton Rouge organization office--ask yourself these questions:

1.  What exactly did the LAGOP do to stop Bobby Jindal from depleting the state's resources as he allowed businesses to maintain their corporate exemptions to sales taxes and as he refused to collect state taxes, owed?

2.  How many Republicans voted to raise sales taxes and other taxes this past special session, to the extent that only a handful of Republicans got positive grades on the conservative Americans for Prosperity anti-tax scorecard?  Who controls the legislature, Republicans and Democrats?  How many Republicans voted to raise taxes on businesses last regular session in the amount of over $700 million dollars, during the last year of Bobby Jindal's administration?  

3.  How many pennies did Stephen Waguespack, a staunch Republican President of LABI, want to raise the state sales tax?  Does the number,, two pennies, ring a bell?

My frustration is not with the Republican Party, nor the many Republican legislators who raised taxes, which would not have occurred without Republican assistance.  Nor, is it with the membership.  It is with the current GOP staff or anybody involved with the recent scam it is perpetrating.

What I find to be simply dishonest is the Republican Party staff trying to depict this tax increase as being foisted upon them by Governor John Bel Edwards.  Edwards did not put a gun to any of the Republican Party legislators' heads to vote "aye" to those tax increases.  Nor are the Republican legislators so weak or fearful that they could claim the "devil made them do it".

If the Louisiana Republican Party staff wants people to take what they say as being credible, then it needs to act credible--not scam, scapegoat and then try to raise money in the process.

If it has legitimate reasons to complain about John Bel Edwards, then, please, it should go ahead and make the points and legitimately raise all the cash, it can.  But, if it opts to rewrite history and then follow the usual and blame the "liberal biased" media and those who are doing their respective jobs of reporting the truth--that elephant won't fly. 



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