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Donald Trump, Lewandowsky, Michelle Fields and does it really matter? 

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Say the word Trump or the name, Donald Trump, and you’re almost certainly going to get into a lively discussion.

Once again, Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign has ignited a firestorm among his supporters and opponents.  The pro and anti-Trump camps seem to ping pong from one incident, crisis, issue, controversy to another, in a cloud of discussion, if not an angry debate.  The latestt incident, involving the Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields and the Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski is the most recent of these made-for TV or perhaps, bar-room type skirmishes.

The online video conference environment is no safer, a zone.  On Wednesday, BayouBuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky and Jim Brown of, discussed (or shall we say--analyzed) the facts related to the alleged battery and incident of  significance, if any.

The first video in the playlist focuses upon the actual surveillance video, and relevant transcripts.  The second video includes footage from the first video but also includes a discussion about the the broader issue--why is the candidacy of Donald Trump  resulting in so much excitement, and bringing out the best and sometimes the worst in all those involved.   

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