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If it’s talk radio, it's Trump Time: Today’s WGSO's Wisconsin debate

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If it's talk radio, it's Donald Trump time.
Whether you’re listening to political talk radio in Cheese-land Wisconsin, Tower-land New York, or Bayou-land, Louisiana, the topic of discussion, just as it is on television news—none other than Donald Trump.
This morning was no different as WGSO radio talk show host, Jeff Crouere and Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of Bayoubuzz discussed “The Donald”.  Today, eyes are on Wisconsin as he hopes to pick up the delegate marbles.  What else is more important, than, the Donald?

The topic of the radio debate this morning? Issues such as Trump's statement on abortion, if he has requisite experience to lead the country, if he can be trusted, if anybody else can handle the economy better than the New York businessman.  
Below are some summaries of the excerpts of the comments from the radio show.  Make sure to listen to the slightly-edited conversation from today’s WGSO radio program, on a topic being debated every morning, nationwide—what else? Trump. 
CROUERE: Trump, certainly, as for as his language, is not as smooth and not as polished as a politician so you say, Steve?
SABLUDOWSKY: Please, that's an understatement. His own daughter saying that he needs be more presidential.
SABLUDOWSKY: telling us that if we don't vote for him- that we’re going to have a serious recession? Oh, My Goad.
CROUERE: Personally Steve, you may disagree I think that we never got out of the recession, I think we're still in a recession
CALLER: ( On his abortion statement) He is lying to the people, because Congress makes the law. Guess what, if the woman who commit abortion that you have to pay the penalty for it. So therefore, The Donald is telling the truth, but the people cannot handle the truth
SABLUDOWSKY: Donald says he is not going to be controlled by anybody, then the flip-flops suddenly about something he knew nothing about. I mean really.
CROUERE I think it's an issue where he's pro-life now, I do believe he's changed his position. But I don't think that he's done the research, I don't think he's done thinking into the issue, I don't think it's been on the top of his list of issues and I think the question that caught him off-guard 
SABLUDOWSKY: All of a sudden he realizes that's not the political correct thing to say.
SABLUDOWSKY: So in my mind at least, the guy is real phony. 
CROUERE: Well you’ve had your views about him from the very beginning. I just disagree with you
SABLUDOWSKY: And everything he says just about verifies, it's just ongoing, it's an ongoing story--flip-flop flip-flop

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