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Trump, Lewandowski, Fields grabs, lies and videotapes

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For the most part, the Lewandowski-Fields-Trump appears to be history.
What’s left will likely morph into a civil lawsuit or an apology or both.

Still, the credibility of all three protagonists of this play have been put into question.  Donald Trump and his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, first claimed the incident was bogus, then began to sing another tune once the video showing the actual “battery”,  emerged.  At that point, The Donald started to announce he was the victim as Michelle Fields “grabbed him” and further stated that the campaign manager Lewandowski was merely trying to protect the presidential candidate, from further danger.
I accept the Palm Beach District Attorney’s reasoning for deciding to drop the criminal action as being reasonable, considering all of the evidence presented.  Many Trump supporters are now claiming that the decision not to prosecute Trump vindicates the billionaire and that his side should be believed over that of the reporter.
Certainly, Trump knows his audience and knows that his followers will accept his version as gospel.  

However, there is still lingering questions that Trump was not honest and that the District Attorney possibly erred on the facts, even if he was correct on the ultimate decision—Lewandowski’s chances of succeeding at trial.
Here is a video that looks at the claims made, statements by the District Attorney and comments called lies.  One thing we have learned again with this ordeal—video tapes have longer memories than any, and all of us. 

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