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New Orleans quality of life worsening and Jefferson Parish so boring?

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New Orleans quality of life worsening and Jefferson Parish so boring?

Well, not exactly.  It is accurate to say, based upon latest survey results, New Orleans quality of life has gone down statistically and Jefferson Parish, the city's suburb, favorables so high and static, that it is "boring", numbers-wise.

Here's the meat:

Earlier this month, Dr. Ed Chervenak Ph.D. and the University of New Orleans Political Science Department, released their Quality of Life Survey covering New Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.

The summary of the survey is below.  However, to really get into the gritty details and analysis, watch the video interview with Dr. Chervenak, as we go graph-by graph.   Also, below is the PDF of the full summary report.

The survey is important for various reasons.  Certainly, those considering running for office now have a basis to consider when drafting campaign philosophies.  City leaders can determine what's working, what's not and perhaps whom to blame.  Economists and investors can review the information to better determine the future of the regions.  Just about anyone rendering an opinion on local crime, confederate monument removals, popularity of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Jefferson Parish President, Mike Yenni and others, now have food for fodder.


1) There are lower levels of life satisfaction in Orleans than three years ago while Jefferson remains stable.
    a) New Orleans residents are less likely to say the city has become a better place to live in the past five years and more likely to say it has become a worse place to live.
    b) New Orleans residents are less positive that the parish will become a better place to live in the next five years while Jefferson residents are more positive that the parish will become a better place to live.
 2) Crime is the biggest problem facing both parishes according to citizens.
    a) Residents in Orleans parishes are more likely to say that crime is increasing than 3 years ago while Jefferson residents are less likely to say that crime is increasing.
    b) The percentage of Orleans residents who say they or a member of their family was a  crime victim was higher than in 2013.
    c) Just over one-third of New Orleans voters do not feel safe around their home during the night.
    d) One-quarter of residents in the city hear gunfire at least a few times a month.

3) A majority of New Orleans residents approve of the job the Police Superintendent and the District Attorney are doing.
 4) More people disapprove than approve of the job the Civil Sheriff is doing.
 5) A majority of New Orleans residents disapprove of the job the Criminal Courts are doing.
 6) Perceptions of the likelihood of new jobs and industry coming into Orleans parish are more negative than positive.
 7) Orleans Parish voters’ rating of most government services has become more negative.
 8) New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s level of approval has declined slightly, but is still at a healthy 60%.
    a) More residents favor the removal of the Confederate monuments than oppose it, but opinion on the issue is racially polarized.
    b) A majority of residents in the city oppose changing the city charter to allow Mitch Landrieu to run for a third term.
 9) About half of New Orleans residents approve of the job the City Council is doing.
10) Jefferson residents rate Sheriff Newell Normand, Parish President Mike Yenni and the Parish Council very positively.

Also, the department also released its findings from the recent tax milleage and bonds for capital improvement votes. 

Some of the findings. 
The early vote was in favor of both the fire and police millage increase and the selling of $120 million in
bonds for capital improvements. On Saturday, however, voters turned against the millage increase while
they supported the idea of selling the bonds.

Watch the video and read the .pdf for more details

New Orleans Confederate monument issue had little impact on Landrieu's millage failure

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