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Did New Orleans Saint Will Smith shoot first?

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According to a WWL radio article, the New Orleans police are looking into some interesting and perrhaps shocking developments--the possibilities that Will Smith shot first, before he was gunned down.  Also, the shooting of the the former Saint, might have been shot from an errant bullet, coming from Smith's gun.

Cops are looking very seriously now into some witness reports and allegations that the former Saints player retrieved a gun from his car before he was shot and killed in a confrontation with another driver.

A source close to the investigation tells WWL First News that detectives are working to determine definitively if allegations are true that Smith not only got his gun out of his car, but fired at least one shot.

The defense attorney for Cardell Hayes has suggested that his client did not shoot Smith's wife, Racquel.  He indicated that ballistics testing would prove that the wounds to her legs were not from his client's bullets.

The source tells WWL First News that detectives are investigating if it was actually Smith who accidentally shot his wife as she intervened to try and stop the confrontation.

If evidence points in this direction, it would be a stunning turnaround as New Orleans has  been mourning the death of the New Orleans All Pro.

Yesterday, it was reported that Cardell Hayes would like to testify before the grand jury.  Hayes is the man accused in the slaying of Smith.

It is quite uncommon for an accused to testify at trial or grand jury.

Hayes is charged with second degree murder.

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