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New legal profession app plans to click big at new Collision Conference in New Orleans

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Just How far are attorneys, their prospective and actual clients, willing and ready to go to connect online?
This is one of the questions that will be explored this week in New Orleans, as a new online app focused upon the legal profession shares its story, and product, with thousands of investors, potential customers, other startups and technology advocates, exchange ideas and information at the city’s first Collision Conference.

One of the products on display is the interesting app, LegalClick, which will be doing its soft launch during the conference.  The conference will feature personalities and professionals such as Brett Favre, Cal Henderson of Slack and many others.

I first encountered the online product after receiving an email from Mike Penrod who had seen a recent video and interview I had conducted with the organization's Head of Communication, Mike Harvey, published a few days ago.  Penrod wanted to let me know about his product, since he read that I am an attorney.

Since I taught ecommerce at Tulane and Loyola Universities, and thousands of fellow attorneys Internet and Internet law, I thought it would be a product I would want to know more about and possibly to share with others.  Thus, I offered to do an online video interview, which is below.

Penrod is not new to technology.  He lives in South Florida, has run a developed a few technology companies in the past, helped his father with an international entertainment business and has decided to launch a new online product linking attorneys to the public.

The video below first discusses his background and interest in technology and the reason he decided to start this new venture.  It continues with an introduction about the product LegalClick, which is transcribed, here and which ends at the 5:55 point on the video.  Starting at the 5:56 point, Penrod displays the app with the assistance of a video. 

We invite you to watch the video in its entirety in which he will “show and tell” us how it works, how attorneys can use it to promote their practices while at the same time, facilitate the client procurement (plus payment) and document transferring processes with greater facilities.  Which for a profession that has been traditionally sluggish in embracing technological innovations, LegalClick could be a useful tool in connecting lawyers with a large demographic of potential users (many who were essentially born with computers and phones in their hands) as well as those who simply find online apps to be the easy and most logical way to do business.

PENROD: So i came up with this idea to create legal click. And a basically as a document assembly platform. Or a business task platform for lawyers, that works with online or with an app. So  every local lawyer can actually sell directly to clients.  Our apps would help them get more clients by marketing the app. And it's really something really new it's not like the other legal things out there, we're actually given the strengths to the lawyer and given the lawyer the technology to build his business. 

SABLUDOWSKY: So what type of products are you talking about? 

PENROD: Well,  the way it works,  the lawyer sign up on our platform. On the website. They then say ok i want to sell my fixed fee services or i want to get my retainer agreement signed. Or i just want to have my free documents or if it's even any kind of document that they need to in for they need to get the client's i.d.'s or other documents attached to it,  they need it signed, they need it filled out. This does all that. Within the app. So you can do it on the phone or you can it on your on your computer. And the lawyer. They put the title of their service they want to sell. They load their own documents. They put the pricing and when the client buys it, directly deposits to the lawyer. It doesn't, we're not we're, not managing their money it's a direct deposit to the lawyer.  

SABLUDOWSKY: Are they selling products or are they selling services, or 

PENROD: The lawyer selling their legal service, so you know, to get something started or the lawyer needs to meet with people, they need to get your information from you, so they can get the information over the phone talking to you, then you can go inside the app. You can talk to him in the app. And then you can send them your documents. Or if it's a fixed fee service like I have a traffic ticket or i have had a patent idea--you could actually fill out the document, scan all your images, your ideas. And you can send him to the lawyer and, you  fill out the contracts you can bind it with the lawyer. 

SABLUDOWSKY: So would that compare to--just any website? 

PENROD: Right now the lawyers. There isn't. No one has a document assembly platform like this. What people have is where you could e-mail them something but as a usual customer, I have to then, take pictures of my documents or I'd have to go scan them somewhere. And then i'd have to open up another app platform to do a signature. But most people are not set up for that.   This allows them just download the app for free, and start using it direct with a lawyer. And there's, they just have to log in with one of their social media accounts.  So it's very, it's a lot easier to get to the people and, another big difference is we're going to really go after the millennial market, the college kids, the people that are, that are just got their new car,  they're in college, they want to handle things themselves. When they get a new apartment they want to rent.  Lawyers can look at their rental agreements, they can help them start a company, get their employment contracts,  They can do all this through the app. And currently it's going to be the first one that does this. 

SABLUDOWSKY: Ok but, both the client, potential client, the attorney will have to have the app?

PENROD: The lawyer, they actually sit in front of their computer. It comes to their office--so they'll have whoever's manning their desks or computers--they'll get the contracts coming through. And they'll be finalized or they'll get the phone calls.  The client, they have to download the app. It's a free app to them download. 


PENROD: And the lawyer can actually send it to you like for, currently, if a lawyer has an existing client, they say oh, let me send you some documents they just send them a link they'll be able to click it. Either access to the website if they're on a computer or it'll be a link to download the app, that's on their profiles, so they can just communicate with a lawyer directly through that. 

SABLUDOWSKY: What type of, say, legal profession you think this would be best for. 

PENROD: Currently the people that are very interested in it.  It's people with fixed fee-services. People that do, the lawyers that handle a lot, of like, businesses. The smaller business things whether it's open to business. Patents. If it's any simple family law, if it's traffic and violations, personal injury cases-- but,  you don't have to sell,  it doesn't have to be the complete fee, it can be the retainer agreement. Just to hire the lawyer for, even different cases. So in the immigration lawyers, they have a lot of interest because for them a lot of it's just. Paperwork. They don't really need to do anything except fill it out correctly and get it to the paralegal or personal assistant. 

SABLUDOWSKY: Ok, now i have a video would like to share with you, actually a video that you sent to me, and  therefore we can actually show the public exactly what you're talking about

 PENROD: great. 

Jazz Fest, Tech startups, investors, experts collide at Collision Conference in New Orleans


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