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TRUMP: The Great American Reality TV Show

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I’m confused.
Is Donald Trump now, presidential? Is he more presidential, than before?  Will he be even “really, really” more presidential, should he actually become President?  
My answer: No to the first two questions and I doubt it to the last.

For one, his comment today bashing John Kasich is typical un-presidential Trump.  
His tweet, presumably in response to the new Kasich-Cruz deal to stop the GOP leader, “I have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion”.  
Now, that’s Presidential, isn’t it?
After all, according to his chief advisor. Paul Manafort, we're going to see a different guy now.  In other words, Trump who has been on TV 24/7 since last June campaigning by slamming others by the way they look or now, the way they eat--is not really the real Donald Trump, at all.  Manafort says Trump has been playing a role.
Or at least that is what the new Trump chieftain told the GOP when they were behind closed doors, last week in Florida.  In essence, I believe Manafort told the GOP big wigs, Donald Trump has been a “reality show”.  Probably true, but this show is totally lacking reality.  
No kidding!
He skyrocketed to the Republican Party top rung because he told us that he would tell it like it is.  His message has been—“what you see, is what you get”.  No political correctness.  No bull.  No mush.  He is his own man.  He knows no bounds nor is he bound by anybody or anything.  
He started his wall to wall Trump by telling us he would build a great wall and Mexico would pay for it.  "Trust me, they’ll pay".  Never told us how or why our neighbor would pay.  Didn’t matter that Mexican presidents responded by saying, "F*X&[email protected]#".  

Later, when Paris burned with terror, he said he would stop all Muslims from entering the US until we could figure out what was going on.  Well, we’re still trying to figure out how our elections can be more democratic.  So, who knows how long it will take.  Could take us a few years, or decades, or perhaps even centuries.  We don’t know.

Nor during this TV run did he give us any instructions as to how he would be able to tell who might be Muslim versus Hindu, Hebrew or Hellenic, minor details.  Plus, who cares—details are not “The Donald” strong suit.  Instead, his campaign mantra has been his "trust me".  Who knows? Perhaps he’ll provide details once when he learns the names of our continents and other matters of foreign policies.  For his supporters, his lack of knowledge on matters of foreign policy matters little.  They’re satisfied with “he'll hire smart people, winners, not losers.  He'll make America Great Again or safe again, whatever". 

He also promised us he would evict all of the illegal aliens.  No worries here.  Forget the billions we’ll spend to hire tens of thousands of secret agents to capture these illegals and bus them down to Ciudad Juarez Mexico or somewhere.  Of course, don’t expect eviction notices starting Day One.  We’d have to build that wall first because otherwise, they’ll just prance back into America the Beautiful and through the same porous borders like they’ve been doing for decades.  Here’s an idea:   We should chain gang every one of them across the southern border and make them build and finish the wall.  The last part of the job would be getting all of them to paint the Mexican side.  How about painting a gigantic “Keep out” or “Adios” sign plastered across the wall?  Then, once completed, every one of them would be standing in Mexico, not in the US.  They’ll be locked out, unable to get back in.  
The truth is, in this new realty TV show, facts really don’t matter.  It’s all presentation. 
When you think about it, the Trump reality show, this past year has been a terrific game show.  There are those on one side that insist that Trump is a fraud, a scammer, a phony.  Then, there are the others, who say you can take what Trump says to the bank.
Here’s some examples how the game has been played since June 2015.  I’m calling this, the Dumpers versus the Trumpers: 


Trump has been playing the role of a successful “strong man” who will never violate a commitment or break a promise, but in reality, he has no clue.  
 “If he said it, it will be done”.  “He’ll build that wall, rid of us those illegals, keep out those billion or so Muslims, make China pay and all of those things he has been insisting upon, rally after rally.  Trump does not back down, never has, never will.

Walk backs

There is the issue of his credibility, his “walk-backs” or “changed stories or excuses”: 
There was the “I don’t know anything about David Duke or the white supremacist organizations
  He simply had a faulty earpiece.  
Mocking that disabled reporter’s flailing arms?  
Trump said “I was merely mimicking what I thought was a flustered reporter trying to get out of a statement he made long ago”.  What’s wrong with that?
“He said in front of millions of TV watchers that women should be punished for having an abortion and then denied he meant the statement, by claiming we all misunderstood his words? “ 
 “He’s a new politician, he’s not expected to know these things until after he becomes President of the United States and leader of the free world”.
Ok, what about last week when responding to the question about transgenders and bathrooms and Caitlyn using the women’s potty at Trump Towers?  He said building those extra toilets would be somewhat discriminatory and expensive and we should “leave it as it is”.  Then, after the backlash and after being coached, his new position is, “it should be up to the states”.  
His supporters retort?  “So what? How many of Trump’s opponents have built any businesses, at all”?
“Yea, but, he’s now considering taking contributions during the general elections although his major plank was he was self-funding his campaign. What happened to the candidate who would be rewriting the election book, proving someone could win a major elective office by being totally independent from major contributors?”.   
 “He hasn’t decided yet and if he does so, do you want Hillary to win?”


 It’s not just Trump who lies and who should not be believed.  Should anyone now really believe what Manafort or even Sir Donald, himself, has to say about becoming the softer, more sane, more loving, more professional, more forgiving, more civil candidate Trump, and later, President Donald Trump?  You really think he will be boring, so boring, we’d tune the tube to the Lawrence Welk Show, for more excitement?   
“Just look at last week when Manafort told a closed door group of republican leaders, “the part that he’s been playing is evolving into the part that now you’ve been expecting but he wasn’t ready for because he had to, first, complete the first phase.  You’ll start to see more depth to the person, the real person.  You’ll see him in a different way”
Even Fox News’s Chris Wallace felt this was evidence that Trump was duping us all along.

We got it wrong again.   Manafort wasn’t referring to the way that Trump has been talking and behaving when he said, “the part he’s been playing” and “the real person”.
No indeed.  Manafort told Wallace he was responding to a question asked by one of the Republicans “rules makers” down in Florida regarding the type of speeches, such as “real policy speeches” or the “settings of the speeches”.  Manafort was talking about “evolving the campaign, not the candidate”.
In fact, Trump has recently said in response to the Manafort  confusion, that he will do what he has said he will do.


So, for those who think Trump is serious about the great wall or scooping up the illegals or putting up an even greater and bigger wall to keep out the Muslims, you can bet, they’ll keep thinking and believing it.  And for those who think, Trump is just a politician playing the game better than all of the others, that he cannot be believed or trusted, that his new advisor is just as incredulous, they will have their minds made up too.  
The truth is, we’re watching the ultimate in an American Reality Show and the real reality is filtered by what we want to believe in.  
Yet, despite the carnival atmosphere and the lack of seriousness coming from Trump on the campaign trail, I believe, there are some truths, whether we want to accept them, or not.
We all know that Donald Trump is still the strident, aggressive, bombastic, berating, politically incorrect non-politician outsider, who claims to say what he means.  We all know he won’t be varnished or programmed.  He won’t be boring, but outrageous.  
We all know that Trump is not really an outsider, but an insider, who has contributed tens of millions to those in the system which helped him to become powerful and rich allowing him to condemn the very system and those like himself who have been part of the great political infrastructure and making the rules of the game.  
We all know that Donald Trump will say what he wants to say and then when he gets into trouble, will find some excuse or explanation.  We all know his defense will satisfy the belief systems of those who adore him and who would follow him to the end of the earth, or at least down 5th Avenue, with gun in hand, blasting away. 
We all know that the Dumpers are doing whatever they can to claim he lacks the temperament or the knowledge to be President and that the Trumpers feel otherwise or they just don’t care if the allegations are true or not.
Last, we all know that Donald Trump will never live up to his commitments that the Mexicans will pay for the wall or that we will evict 12 million illegals or that we’ll keep out all of the Muslims.
We all know this is Trump Show Biz, it’s his blockbuster reality show.
We all know this show knows few truths.   
It’s the reality show that will either Make America Great Again, or will Make America Go Down the Tube. 

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