Monday, 02 May 2016 14:49

Cruz vs. Indiana Protester, did Trump win again?

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It's one of those moments in a political campaign that could go down into the history books as one really weird event.

Today, Ted Cruz, who is reportedly behind Donald Trump with "huuuge" numbers in Indiana, decided to meet or confront the enemy.  At a Indiana campaign event, in which there were apparently a few hundred pro-Cruzers in attendance, roughly six pro-Trumpers also showed up, with signs in hand and with voices shouting in favor of The Donald, and, of course, against Cru.

In trying to convince one vocal supporter that he is wasting his time backing Trump, Cruz went through a litany of "didjaknow" reasons, he is the real conservative in the race and why Trump is the phony.

In doing so, Cruz received plenty of attention from the national media as he tried to make his case.  However, among slams such as asking Cruz where he got his Goldman Sachs jacket, there were the "Lyin Ted", "do the math", "you asked Kasich to drop out, now it's your turn, "Indiana don't want you" types and an assortment of other pokes against the Texan US Senator.

As the conversation went on for roughly 7 minutes, the question is raised, who won the mini-debate, the un-named pro-Trump protestor or Cruz.

Perhaps, we will know tomorrow after the Indiana results come in and the state, and more importantly, the entire country, can better judge.


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