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Virtual Reality exhibit of at Collision Conf in New Orleans 2016, watch your step

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Virtual reality?
What the heck is it?
Is it reality, just virtual, meaning hardly, not just there?

So, last week, at the Collision Conference in New Orleans, I was curious what the “buzz” was all about centering around this one exhibit by that had a long line of attendees, wanting to take a glance.
The representative had me sit down with a bulky headset and watch through the lens.  She told me to enjoy.
She might as well have told me to watch my step.
I was quickly taking a trip up a mountain in Yosemite Park, climbing up with two guys, who seemed a lot more sturdy than I certainly was at the time.   Might add, they were plenty more confident, and I was sitting down, sipping on my Starbucks coffee, as we scaled the heights.
Cool.  Really cool.      
Actually, was getting colder, or so it seemed as we approached a mile high mark.  
It was like, being there, a 3d experience, where I could climb up, look around while at the same time feel like I’m ready to fall and, watch that rock, oops.  Didn’t see that.  Getting a little dizzy, actually, might be the lack of oxygen from the elevation, I suspect.
So, what is the big deal about Virtual reality and why should anyone buy it?
That’s where Mike Turino comes in.
He is the Director of Partnerships for YouVisit.  He gave me a tour of the business operation, so to speak.  He explained how universities, music venues, tours, travel agencies are beginning to use the technology to promote their operations.  Certainly feeling like you are there, makes sense, especially if you want to go there, right?
As he explained all of this to me, I shot video of his educating me why we should all get virtual.  In a sense, it was a virtual tour of a new genre of views that will fast become the realities for all of us who want to sell our products and services and of course, our respective locations.
Check out the interview.  You don’t need to sit down.  It’s safe.  
Just keep your hands on your coffee.

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