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Kasich going out but is he, JIndal and other near "never trumpers", in VP run?

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The VP sweeps are starting, the veeps sweeps are starting.

And, who knows, many of the merry men and women, who have denounced the Good Donald, just might be lining up for a nod.

John Kasich is expected to suspend his campaign today and has called a press conference for 4:30 pm today.  Donald Trump has told Wolf Blitzer that he would be interested in John Kasich being his running mate.  Kasich has been stating he would not be Trump's VP.

Of course, Ted Cruz ended his campaign yesterday and Cruz has called Trump a pathalogical liar, as late as yesterday.

The names are already being posted.  According to CNN, "A senior Trump campaign source said Wednesday that the campaign's early favorites for vice president are now New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio.  Haley, is one of the candidates who has been very vocal against a Trump presidency.

Not surprising, one politician who had reportedly been on the short list in 2012 is one of the very first to announce his now support of Trump.  Why the rush?  Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who reportedly is not employed, has announced he would be supporting the republican.


Last year, Jindal wrote in CNN:

“They need to stop praising him, stop being afraid of him and stop treating him rationally,” he said.

“Conservatives need to say what we are thinking: Donald Trump is a madman who must be stopped,” added Jindal, himself a Republican White House hopeful.

“Like a kid in a superhero costume, Trump compares himself to Ronald Reagan, wearing the Gipper’s slogan on his forehead as if he just thought of it,” he wrote, referencing Trump’s frequent insistence that he will “make America great again.”

“But whereas Reagan was a terrible entertainer and a great statesman, Trump is a great entertainer who would be a terrible statesman,” the Louisiana governor added.

Just last week, again on CNN, Jindal said in commentary,  "How conservatives can win back voters from Trump", 

Donald Trump is no conservative. He is not conservative in policy, behavior, nor temperament. While many Republican officials see in this observation the secret to derail his path to the nomination, it may actually be one of the reasons for his success...

Trump has successfully portrayed himself as an outsider, populist, and enemy of the dreaded "GOP Establishment." But, while doing so, he has repeatedly attacked traditional Republican policies, and paid very little price for it.


"It's time to face the facts -- as Republicans, we have failed to convince or demonstrate the wisdom of our conservative policies to the voters, and we are thus partially responsible for the rise of Trump."

Denouncing Hillary Clinton is one thing now that Trump has an unobstructed path to the winner circle in Cleveland. 

But, this is politics and I the job scramble is quickly evolving.  

Still, the obvious must be asked--which one of these "Never Trumps" or "I'd rather sell my mother than vote for Trump" politicians will take the lumps and join the Trump train before the VEEP express leaves the track.


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