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How Trump will impact the Louisiana congressional, US Senate races 2016

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Conventional wisdom tells us that Louisiana will go Republican, once again, at the state level for US President.  It also suggests that all Louisiana current congressional republicans (not running for US Senate) will romp in November 2016, that new republicans will be elected in current vacancies and that a Republican will become the junior US Senator (replacing David Vitter). 

After all, a Democrat winning statewide in Louisiana has become almost more uncommon than a Jindal appearance in Baton Rouge during his last two years in office.  As we know, this state is red, raw red and ruby red for all intents and purposes and the Democrat John Bel Edwards gubernatorial victory was a fluke and more about Republican Vitter than about Edwards.

Logic also tells us that Trump, with the help of the Louisiana Republican Party and its elected officials will romp in this state against Clinton and surely would do so against Socialist Bernie “Feel The Burn” Sanders, if by some freak of nature, became the Democratic nominee.  

But wait.

There is the issue that perhaps, just maybe, Donald Trump, will be a liability here in Louisiana, as he could be in Arizona or Illinois or elsewhere where his name, associated with others, spells great uncertainty.

John McCain, in Arizona, is quite concerned that the 30 percent or so of the Hispanic vote could mean curtains for his own candidacy with Trump at the ticket head.

Other candidates running for federal office in states that have large Hispanic and minority voters could likewise be somewhat vulnerable come November.

Why should any of these Republican be concerned?  Well, to many voters, myself included, Trump is profoundly unqualified to be President of the United States, not only due to his lack of governmental experience and his temperament, but, more importantly, because of own outrageous policies.

He skyrocketed to the top of the Republican Party because he pushed a far-right agenda, full of hate and fear. He is perceived in many quarters as racist, bigoted, anti-muslim, anti-Hispanic and anti-woman.  I would find it difficult for blacks to rally behind him.  Likewise, I feel many whites, like myself, who dislike Hillary Clinton, just cannot see ourselves backing Trump under any circumstance.

The simple fact that the US and the Louisiana Republican leadership (and Republican Congressional delegation) has come out so suddenly to support its now-party leader, to me, is an embarrassment.  I take their collective decisions seriously.  While they might believe Hillary is a crook and a liberal, while they feel her picking a Supreme Court justice could set back the court for decades, they still are telling us, that, voting for a perceived-bigot with untested and intolerable policies are more acceptable.  They are telling us they will fully support a man who all Republican presidential candidates said they had serious problems supporting.  Worse, they are telling us that they endorse the presidential candidacy of a man whose major planks could easily rock our economy and our standing in the world community, to the depths we have never witnessed.  

Yes, we are concerned and should be concerned about terrorists coming into the nation.  We have had our share of Muslim terror just as we have had our share of homegrown terror which outranks those who are of Muslim vintage.  But, since Trump has made his Muslim and Hispanic policies such a critical part of his campaign, our now-Louisiana Congressional leaders and future political hopefuls must tell us, just how are they going to implement these policies.  Just how are they going to ban 1.5 billion Muslims or so, from coming into the nation? What are the details?  Are we going to demand that Muslims start wearing patches like Jewish people did in Europe for identification?  Are we going to legislate that Muslims identify their religious affiliations before getting on an airplane to enter the country?  Worse, once we stop the flow of Muslim traffic, just what will occur to the millions of domestic Muslims who will be outraged that innocent brethren (some American born) and others from foreign nations are now being treated like criminals without due process of any type?   What do we do next—start kicking out the native-born practitioners of Islam from Detroit, Milwaukee, New Orleans who will be on a virtual warpath once this Trump-Republican plan is implemented?  Wouldn’t Trump and fellow Republican Congressmen and future US Senators put our nation at greater risk by leaving millions of Muslims here after such severe disruptions and immoral indignities?  Have Trump and his Republican followers who take marching orders from party even thought about the consequences of his overreaching and outrageous policies?

According to Trump, his deportation of Hispanics and the ban on Muslims processes will start immediately upon his taking office.  So, as we brand Muslims as unwelcome, we will also, by dual track, start searching for Hispanics.  For those who are concerned about fiscal policies and smaller government, just what will it cost us to create the federal and state bureaucracies needed to remove and to keep out all of these “unwanteds”?   Moreover, to implement the Trump-GOP policies, how much of our privacies will be discarded as we become modern day “snoops and stool pigeons”--just as Germans, French, Dutch and others were in the 30’s and 40’s to rid of their Jewish neighbors?  

Nationally, the games for the Republican party is now over.  Trump is the presumptive party nominee. Consolidation of party leaders is taking place here in Louisiana, in the Jindal household and elsewhere among republican politicians.  It will soon be a Clinton vs. Trump matchup.

Clinton is not a good candidate and Sanders is worse.  My candidates were running against Trump during the primaries.  In my eyes, Clinton and Trump have little credibilities.  But, with at least with Clinton, we know we have deception with moderation.  With Trump, we have deception coupled hate-based domestic and foreign policies that are fundamentally against the principles that our constitution and our nation’s history has held sacred.

The Republicans in Louisiana and elsewhere will be making a decision.  Right now, they are saying they cannot support Clinton.  I understand.  Totally. But, coming right out, in lockstep, by supporting Trump, by being loyal to Republican leadership, they are putting themselves, in my mind, on equal footing with the hatemongers of the past--the Klan, the John Birches that ruled the day here in Louisiana and in the deep South.

Indeed, we can rationalize the need to oust the “unwanteds”, just as those haters justified their actions to keep blacks as 3rd class citizens.  

Is this what our Louisiana republican congressional and party leadership want to be perceived as being?  

While they might disagree with my own personal comparisons of Trump policies compared to those dispicable people and uglies of the past, I still must ask—just how are they going to implement his policies of shutting down borders, banning billions based upon religion and ultimately carting up millions of Hispanics in a move that will brand this country as a hateful evil nation?

Indeed, we have problems and nobody is dismissing the concerns raised by Trump and others.  Our Southern border is porous.  Our national security is diminished by people we don’t know.  We should review our trade policies and foreign commitments based upon our abilities to compete but with knowledge that our enemies would replace us there in those regions, on the dime, euro or yen.  But, while considering our abilities to be the world's military, we don’t engage in hate-based radical solutions and give unlimited loyalty to a man who knows nothing about government except whom he has had to pay to get what he has wanted to make him more rich. We don’t give away the keys to the White House to a man who tells us what we want to know, who taps into our angers and who makes promises we have not even begun to consider how to implement.

So, while our Republican delegation rallies behind a man who they feel will defeat Hillary, hopefully they will tell us how they will follow-through those critical Trump policies of which they are now being branded.  

Again, will Trump’s presence negatively impact the future political campaigns of our state’s upcoming national elections?  Perhaps no more than before.

But, I for one, among others, want real answers from these candidates, not mere references and comparisons to Hillary.  I want them to tell us how they will stop the trade imbalances without trade wars, how they walk away from Japan and Korea and NATO, if necessary?  I’d like them to explain how they will make Mexico pay for the wall and how they will remove Hispanics and ban Muslims without our becoming the evil empire.

For ten months, their party leaders have been telling us that Trump is dangerous, despicable, immature politician--a bully and clown who cannot be trusted.

Now, other than telling me that Hillary is the most horrible of the two evils, convince me how a Trump-GOP agenda as outlined by its now-leader and by former politicos like Bobby Jindal, who only last week warned us about a Trump presidency, will truly make this country, great again.  

If their real agenda is to make America white again, then, apparently, he's your guy.

Not mine.

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