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Contribute to Donald Trump, the Weasel or else, Hillary Clinton will be your president

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For nearly a year, we’ve heard many of the Trump supporters, campaign leaders and future delegates claim that Trump can be trusted, but the other candidates could not.  They have called Trump the ultimate outsider of “outsiders” and somehow, they believe his sudden intrusion upon the scene of party politics will help this country.

The truth is obvious.  Donald Trump has zero experience in the governmental sector, knows little about foreign and domestic policies.  Other than suing and being sued, he knows little about the judicial system, too.  He has insulted Mexicans, women, Muslims, Democrats, fellow republicans, Speaker of the House and even, tacos.  His negatives of intense arrogance, obvious dishonesty and lack of Presidential temperament can be stacked, competing with Trump Tower, in height.  
When he has been at the center of daily controversies, the Corey Lewandowski-Fields affair, flip-flop on criminalizing abortion, giving the nation's creditors a haircut, proposing half-baked plans, his supporters have stood strongly behind him.  They proclaim: “He is the only person to be trusted.  He is the real McCoy.  He speaks his mind and honors his pledges”.  
One could package his numerous flubs, deceptions and refusals to ever admit error, yet, his supporters won’t buy it, for one unassailable reason—they say, he cannot be bought.  They insist, the establishment, republicans and democrats—all of them, can be bought, not “The Donald”. 
We’ve read those repeated Facebook posts, tweets and blog defenses.  We’ve heard those talking heads and right-wing radio talk show hosts (and callers) insist he is the consummate outsider and truly independent.  Despite his long history of contributing to election campaigns and the reality that he is as much of an outsider as lettuce, bacon and tomatoes is to a BLT sandwich, to Trumpers, it matters not at all.  Why?  Because they claim he is self-funding his campaign.
He repeatedly tells us he is rich--"very, very rich".  Despite his many campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton and scores of other Republican and Democratic politicians, he is adamant that he is different.   Out of all candidates running for president or just about any political office, he tells us he is the only man who cannot be corrupted, cannot be bought. His supporters repeat his mantra as if it were carved on stone from heaven above.  
When fighting the sixteen primary campaign dwarfs, he repeatedly exclaimed that they were going to be controlled, because they took money from others.  Not him.  He frequently has said Hillary is bought and paid for because of her many large campaign contributions from lobbyists and special interests.  But, not him.   No way.  He is independent, the outsider, the anti-establishment candidate, the one we all can trust.  Only he can lead us from the barren land of slavery of corruption to the milk and honey of governmental decency.
Cynically, Trump has told us that he was best able to know how to stop the corruption because he has not only bought the system, he has made it, has run it.  He bragged that he played the game better than anybody.  While most everybody else seemed to laugh at his so-called outsider status, his believers remained true.  To them, he has been a breath of fresh air, he has been their white knight. Nobody can corrupt Trump, He won't take anything from anybody.  He simply won't be bought.  
In fact, more than his building the wall or excluding Muslims, his self-funding of his own campaign has been the raison d'etre for his very candidacy.  It is the essence of Trumpism.
Yet, only hours after he became the presumptive GOP candidate, he abruptly reversed his campaign promise of promises.  He announced he would start accepting outside contributions.
The reasons for this 90-degree flip flop on his core political identity goes like this:  The Clinton and anti-Trump forces will be spending a billion dollars or so, if not more, on trying to assassinate him politically.  Hillary Clinton, should she prevail, will destroy America, if not the Supreme Court.  
Ok. Let us assume should she win, America in the loser.
On Fox News Sunday, when asked about the now inconsistencies of Trump not self-funding his campaign, the campaign's top adviser, Paul Manafort implied that Trump was referring to only self-funding during the republican primary campaign, but not during the general election. 
What a crock!  Give us all a break.
It is patently dishonest to suggest that there is a distinction between Trump self-funding during his primary but allowing the money floodgates to open now that he is facing Hillary Clinton (or whoever ultimately is the victor).  
Not once did Trump say he would refrain from accepting primary campaign money but would accept it during the general election.  
So, the bottom line is this:  He repeatedly called his republican opponents corrupt and puppets because they took contributions during the primary season, but he did not.  
During just one of the debates he said, "I am not accepting any money from anybody. Nobody has control of me other than the people of this country. I’m going to do the right thing."
So, according to Trump, his primary competition accepted contributions thus, they were corrupt.  Hillary has accepted campaign money during the primary, therefore, she is corrupt.  But, Trump, now with his hand out for general election contributions from donors, politicians and the special interests, is still not corrupt?  They are bought and paid for, but not him? 
In fact, by Trump opening his golden Rolodex of heavy hitters to fund his general election campaign, he no longer can complain about Hillary doing the same.
If he wants all of the money to go to Republican apparatus and candidates that do not directly benefit his being elected President, that is one thing altogether.  However, that is not what he is doing or will be doing.  
There is no logic or explanation that could justify his weaseling out of his former pledge. 
Even if Trump were to say, “no, I cannot be bought because I have billions, therefor, these contributions mean nothing to me, but everything to her”, there still would be zero justification for his turning coat on his long-time and most prominent commitment.   
Donald Trump has one toe hanging onto the crag of credibility.  We all know he does not want to lose hundreds of millions or even a billion dollars of his immense wealth, although in August of 2015, he did tell CNN he would spend a billion dollars to win, if necessary.  But, it should be no mystery that the democrats and Hillary would be digging deep to ensure victory against any republican primary victor.  This fact is of no sudden revelation.  If he had one scintilla of concern that he would be accepting contributions, to win, he never should have attacked anybody for doing the same.  He never should have attacked his republican primary opponents for their contribution receipts, nor Hillary Clinton, his likely general election opponent.    
And, considering what’s involved, what’s hundreds of millions or even a couple billion to Donald Trump anyway?  
Given the goal involved and his pledge to stay above the “corruption”, money really should be no object.  In the scheme of things, compared to what every day Americans do, anyway, honoring his commitment is a small price to pay.  
Americans often make major sacrifices to adhere to the core principles of which they stand.  Real heroes put country and those in need before their own selves.  We’ve sent millions of our young generations off to foreign wars.  They've put their lives and their family’s futures on the line daily.  They do this for their country.  They sacrifice risk their lives in exchange basically for "chump change". They take an oath and their spilled blood is the proof of their sincerity.  
It’s not just soldiers who make unmeasurable commitments, risking almost everything.  Often, average Americans families invest ten percent of their family wealth (or much more), during times of real need.  Their families come first.  Moms and Dads mortgage their homes to ensure their kids go to college, get out of jail, receive necessary medical care, when needed.  It comes with the turf of being committed.  It is the price of being a parent.  It is part of our heritage. 
Donald Trump often reminds us of his personal wealth.  He claims a patrimony exceeding ten billion dollars.  Maybe his presidential campaign will cost him a billion.  Maybe more.  Theoretically, one-tenth or so of his immense resources could be at risk, although he’ll make it up with his next book, his steaks, his movie or reality show.  He won’t go broke or come anywhere within that same universe. 
Yet, at the time the core of his political credulity is at risk, instead of making his campaign great, he abdicates.   Does he cherish material wealth and the personal power it brings, so much that he’ll carpet bomb his own words, so publicly?  Is he so bereft of values that he will undermine and embarrass those who have foisted his so-called financial independence as the Trump shield of honor?   If so, how important is the nation to him (and his future presidency) that of all sacred oaths, he would not defend it, not even for a few days.  Why not?  Obviously, because his empire matters more than his bond?   
Trump has called Clinton “crooked Hillary”, lambasted Ted Cruz as ‘Lyin Ted.  He has more nicknames to brand his foes than a box of Cherios has “o’s”.
When Trump quickly and easily abandoned that particular campaign pledge, he destroyed his last shred of credibility. 
In doing so, Trump sold his followers for cheap.  He sold whatever soul remained.  
Donald Trump, has broken the ultimate of campaign promises.   
He welshed.  He’s weaseled. 
So, get out your wallets and give your money to Donald Trump, the weasel. 
Without your help, you'll have Hillary.

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