Thursday, 12 May 2016 15:57

BAM! Cameron Henry admission: Louisiana Treas. Kennedy not doing very good job, with debt

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It's Louisiana budget sausage time once again and the House is looking at the Appropriations Bill today, hoping to make cuts, without the necessity of raising taxes.

One comment certainly has raised some eyebrows, especially, as the US Senate Race heats up. 

The powerful Republican Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee has leveled a smash mouth admission of sorts against Republican Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy, who is a candidate for US Senate, also a Republican.

Pinsonat: Everybody'a bored, in the dark right now, in Louisiana legislative session

Specifically, Henry, was asked whether Kennedy has not been doing a good job as it relates to paying the state debt.  

Henry said, "Yes to be perfectly honest with you"

Kennedy, has been vocal for years against the budgetary practices of the legislature, Governor Jindal and recently John Bel Edwards, the new governor.   He has made numerous appearances on radio and television over the years, especially this year with elections approaching--pointing out areas where the state could cut.

Often, his very words are echoed by radio talk show callers, showing his popularity.  He is also leading in the polls for the Senate position.

Just scroll down and read the relevant tweets on the issue.

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