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The Trump-Clintons Wars on Women, it will get worse

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Does Donald Trump have a woman problem?  How about Bill and Hillary Clinton?

Oh, Brothere, do they?  So does America, but , perhaps, in the worst way.

The New York Times wrote a blistering article for its Sunday front page, but, Trump and company seized the opportunity to fight back and hurt the Times by making it appear the paper was picking on him.  Trump played the victim which he has gotten down to a T.

For instance, one of his occassional critics and more than often supporter, Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe said the New York Times overreached. He certainly is not alone in feeling this way.  Many Trump supporters believe the New York Times is simply biased against Trump just as the Boston Globe arguably is with its mock-up front page news section it published weeks ago.

The pro-Clinton, anti-Trump Super PAC has just launched its commercial on the issue, which Trump has taken issue.  Trump claims, in a series of tweets that the ad is factually incorrect.  He also took a swipe at Bill Clinton's record of beinng an abuser of women.

Perhaps one of the more interesting articles by the liberal site Think Progress, focuses upon a different type of media bias, that by Fox News, who has defended Trump in the NY Times "hit" piece.  

The title pretty much sums up the article.  "In Just One Day, Fox News Offered 15 Different Excuses For Trump’s Disgusting Treatment Of Women"

Here are the first five "excuses":

1. It’s old news because everyone knows Trump treats women badly.


“What’s the news? That Trump uses boorish words? Who didn’t know that? Trump had a spat with Rosie O’Donnell years ago that got plastered coast-to-coast. Everyone knows that.” — Greta Van Sunstren

2. Obama went to Bill Ayers’ house.


“It reminds me of an article [the New York Times] didn’t do in 2007 abut a candidate who actually had a fundraiser with a terrorist. I ask everyone to do the Bill Ayers test and look at whatever is in that article. Does anything in that article come, even close to meeting with Bill Ayers, a terrorist who tried to kill Americans.” — Greg Gutfeld 

3. When he was doing this stuff, he didn’t think he would run for president.


“The other thing that he has said that I think is somewhat, I think, defensible. He talked about past degradation of women in this way: ‘I never anticipated running for public office or being a politician.’ …He basically talks about being entertaining and it was not necessarily meant to be degrading.” — Dana Perino 

4. Trump just loves women.


“I think this is helpful because you are looking at a general exoneration about the nature of his character. He loves women.” — Tammy Bruce

5. No one cares about Trump’s personal life.


“I think it was a hit piece. I think when you run for president, your life is on display. I think the American voters care a little less about every aspect of someone’s personal life… Donald Trump is running for president. He’s not on trial. Those of us who want to vote for him and do support him, we are not his character witnesses.” — Matt Schlapp


Of course, Trump and his supporters claim that Clinton have their own Wars on Women. None other than Trump's long-time political advisor, Roger Stone, who claims no longer has ties to The Donald, has penned a book with the title, Clintons war on women.

The election, which is less than a half-year away obviously is turning into a war on who has the worst war on women.

Judging from the focus of the recent media, the personnalities involved, their respective personal histories, the 2016 election year might be the Year of the Women, politically.  However, instead of it focusing upon the future of women in the work place and in the home, it seems the debate venues will be the Bill Clinton White House and Trump Towers.

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