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Finding space for new social media Google Spaces in the business, political worlds

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There’s a new Google social media toy with which we can all tinker.
Google has launched Google Spaces.  From all indication, it appears to be a combination of Google Plus, which basically has fallen on tough times lately, Google communities (part of Google+), Google Collections and Reddit.

 I wrote a post about it on my own brand-new Google Spaces site which details how I feel about it and what my concerns are, at this time. The post also provides useful information about spaces.
I am looking at this new tool from two perspectives—how will it help small businesses and does it have room in the political space.
I manage a Facebook Group called Louisiana Politics, which has a strong presence in that own particular Facebook space, so, how could it assist me with that group?  Are there any other features that show promise?

To answer how Spaces can be used in business and even politics, here is a video I have just created that showcases how Google Spaces works.  

Join my Google Spaces as I would love to get your feedback and input.


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