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Brit Selina Scott still launching missiles at Donald Trump, and misses

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Selina Scott Trump documentary

The Brits are pulling out the big guns to shoot down Donald Trump.

Well, not all the Brits.

Just the Brits who don’t like Donald Trump, and don’t want him to become America’s next president.

Amongst them is British celebrity, former news reader, and Princess Diana look-somewhat-alike, Selina Scott.

Many Brits actually really like Donald Trump– or they don’t care very much. Why worry about Trump having the nuclear codes when the United States and the whole free world survived not just one term of George H.W. Bush, but two terms of George W. Bush?

The Bushes had the nuclear codes the whole time.

Talk about whistling past the graveyard!

And still, here we all are.


The missiles are still all in their silos out in Idaho.

But the Brits who don’t like Donald Trump have decided to let loose a few peremptory strikes.  We’d call NATO, but nothing’s hit anything strategic yet.

It makes us wonder whether what’s aimed is a fatal cruise missile, or just a couple of large fireworks gone run-amok.

Whoosh!  Whistle-whistle-whistle!  Whiz-bang!  Boom!

So, while America’s nuclear missiles sleep safely in their cold Midwestern silos, those Brits who don’t like Trump are dusting off an old secret weapon.  This is an old secret weapon.

Almost two decades gone.

Selina Scott, who does not like Donald Trump, has tried to launch a few fatal cruise missiles at him for a long time.  A long, long time.  Well, at least from 1995, when Selina interviewed Trump for ITV and flew on his private jet and he showed her his big, white-leather double bed at 30,000 feet while flying to Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Palm Beach estate.  According to Selina, she interviewed him for two weeks for a 60-minute documentary.  

Two weeks!

Wow, that is one long, long interview for a 60-minute documentary!  And that’s not counting the commercial breaks, right?  I mean, Princess Diana only spent a couple of hours with Martin Bashir for that infamous “Panorama” documentary, and look what happened from that!  Imagine if Diana and Bashir had been together for two solid weeks– checking out Kensington Palace, heading over to Buckingham Palace, jetting off to exotic locales in the Caribbean and the like.  

There would be no monarchy left. Or maybe, Diana and Bashir would have just gazed into each other’s eyes at some point, and jetted off into, somewhere. 

Two weeks of an interview kinda reminds me of those in-depth interviews that married home-wrecking tramp Paula Broadwell used to conduct with U.S. General David Petraeus when she was writing his “biography” before they were both caught snuggling with their pants down.  Playing hootchy-kootchy while the free world was struggling with fighting terror in the Middle East!

The married Petraeus was forced to resign as head of the CIA.  The Agency changed the nuclear codes from “hootchy-kootchy” to something more serious.  I mean, we can’t have a leader of the free world in charge of the nuclear codes when he’s just so busy all the time humping the mattress with his married home-wrecking tramp biographer, can we?  

 Now, if Selina really thought that Trump was super-creepy while he was showing her his big, white-leather bed at 30,000 feet, she might have made that the point of the interview back in 1995, or cut her interview short, or called the cops and filed criminal charges.

But for what?

By Selina’s own admission, Trump’s big sins and danger signs were things like this: “Checking into my suite at the exclusive Plaza Hotel, which Trump then owned, overlooking Central Park, I was greeted by a forest of blood-red roses with a tasteful handwritten note that simply said: ‘Donald.’”

Very sinister, that!  “A forest of blood-red roses” sounds like, uhm, well, at least two dozen.

And not just “red roses,” but “blood-red roses.”

Ooh!  Sounds so...macabre!

And that sexy black dress with just a hint of bondage by lacing it up over Selina’s bosoms surely got The Donald’s juices burning.  I mean, that was a dress Selina bought herself, right?  Nobody made her wear it at Mar-A-Lago, did they?

What else?

Selina grouses that, at one point on camera, Trump “danced around” her, gazed at her admiringly and said of Selina, “Isn’t she beautiful? She doesn’t think she’s beautiful but she is beautiful.”

Well, call the cops because a man saying that a woman is “beautiful” is absolutely “creepy!”  Right?  Take those codes away, pronto!

I dunno.  Selina’s griping sounds a little bit over-the-top, but only because perhaps the West is a place where men and wimmiin have kinda stopped being men and wimmin.  Now, we’re all supposed to be just men and men.  Wimmin wear pants all the time and take over everything and start doing crazy stuff like linear algebra and calculus and no wonder high-testosterone fellas like The Donald soon head over to Eastern Europe and snap up those beauteous, sexy Ivanas and Melanias who are also pretty smart cookies and have appreciation for The Donald and show off by doing things like making dinner and mixing drinks and playing hootchy-kootchy and do not mind at all when a man sends them “a forest of blood-red roses” and dances around them saying “Isn’t she beautiful?”

So, wait a minute, I just want to make sure that Selina Scott is saying that the roses and compliment-bearing Trump is the guy we wimmin are NOT supposed to vote for!

Brits who don’t like Trump are fine with me.  I believe in Democracy, and just caring about who becomes president proves that we are all cousins, under the skin. Scratch an American of almost any stripe and one will find at least a wiggle of British DNA.  This may be one big reason why many Americans cannot resist loving or hating the British Royal Family.  And it may be why so many Brits care so deeply about The Donald– one way or another.

Just like family.

But this week, Selina Scott fired off a Stinger missile to try to derail Trump’s candidacy– aiming her secret weapon straight at the heart of democracy.  

Like a Stinger missile, the coordinates are locked in.

Selina used “the Diana.”  Trump, Selina claims, allegedly deluged Diana with roses and orchids and fancied her.   Maybe, like many men and no few women, Trump did “fancy” Princess Diana and thought it possible that he could bed her and perhaps even marry her.

So what?

And why is that idea so incredible?

Princess Diana had many lovers.  The typical list includes (but is not limited to) married personal protection officer Barry Mannakee, scalawag army officer and riding instructor James Hewitt, engaged car salesman James Gilbey, married art dealer Oliver Hoare, unmarriagable deal maker Teddy Forstmann, John F. Kennedy Jr., married rugby player Will Carling, and Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan.  In the end, Diana went for Dodi Al Fayed, son of millionaire Mohamed Al Fayed, who had lots of big planes and big boats and an estate in St. Tropez– the Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach of the Mediterranean.  

Dodi deluged Diana with jewelry and cashmere sweaters.

Were Trump’s orchids and roses so sinister?  Is deluging a beautiful, desirable woman with flowers “stalking?”

Well, maybe it is today, in a world where men are trying to be men and wimmin are trying to be men.  

If Charles had deluged Diana with “a forest of blood red roses” and had danced around saying, “Isn’t she beautiful? She doesn’t think she’s beautiful but she is beautiful,” maybe history would be different.  Maybe, at least, Prince William and Prince Harry might have some younger siblings.

Sending a forest of blood-red roses and sighing over beauty may not be a good reason to elect a man to the presidency.

But it’s not a good reason to count him out, either.

And if that’s the worst of the weapons in the nuclear silo that Selina can aim at Trump, then fire away!

Whoosh!  Whistle-whistle-whistle!  Whiz-bang!  Boom!

Or maybe it’s just a a couple of large fireworks gone run-amok.

Sarah Whalen

sarahw2Sarah Whalen is a university journalism instructor, attorney and author.

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