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The Donald and Trump International women escorts services linkage, if any?

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What are and   

Has Donald J. Trump, through any of his business interests, engaged in the business of women escorting services whether through these two Internet URLs or related businesses?

Months ago,, a conservative website that has been as anti-Trump as Breitbart has been pro-Trump, published an article entitled, “Pimping the Donald – What is Trump’s Relation to Trump Escorts?

The article in pertinent parts stated:

“…..Trump’s valuable name has created instant publicity to business ventures for years, with little or no apparent policing from Donald Trump to protect the value of that name.

One such venture was “
Trump Escorts.” Trump Escorts was apparently a high-end escort service whose website ( featured the Trump International logo. A WhoIs search reveals that the domain was first registered in 2007 by an outfit in Hong Kong called Covora Communications, a VOIP and digital communications contractor. The website no longer exists and is forwarded instead to the website of Mystique Companions International. Please visit with caution. This site is definitely not “Safe For Work” or around children.

Although the original website is no longer available, several archived versions – from 2013 through 2015 – can be found on Looking at any one of them, it is apparent that the former Trump Escorts website and the new Mystique Companions International website are virtually identical. From design to photos to content, little seems to have been changed from one website to the other.
“….Neither the former Trump Escorts site nor the current Mystique Companions International site indicates an address. However, review site
Site Jabber indicates that theaddress of Trump Escorts was/is 180 Riverside Drive, Upper West Side New York, New York 10024, USA, which is also – again, coincidentally – the address of Trump Place in Manhattan.
Trump Escorts’s website describes the function of their company as follows:
“Your happiness and entertainment are a genuine priority, and we strive for excellence in all things. We are interested in inner beauty and grace as well as outer beauty and talent. Bringing positive energy to everyone we encounter is our deepest pleasure. Our ladies are all upscale and skilled, building great anticipation in their presence. We don’t cater for wild parties, but we do facilitate tasteful, exciting encounters between mature and high-minded adults.”

On the topic of payment they say:

 “Our upmarket courtesan models’ fees are for their time. Please do not send lists of ‘services’ you expect to receive… We are not a red light establishment, we introduce you to beautiful dates. How your time together naturally unfolds, is between you and your captivating date.”

I first became aware of last year.  In preparing this article, we have discovered no evidence that the logo on the website is, in fact, an official Trump International logo.  Also, the Riverside address listed was a residential condo building called Trump Place which Trump enterprise managed until it reportedly had been removed by the condo board.  Thus, there is the possibility that someone has operated a website called Trump Escorts out from that Riverside location without the knowledge and consent of Trump or his business team.  Likewise, it is possible that the site operation itself was never located at this address or even in New York.
“Using Wayback to review the archives of the Trump site, the first currently available date is May 28, 2013, which shows the below:

Elite International Escorts & Travel Companions
For the gentleman who seeks only the truly finest of companionship. Trump International offers experienced travel companions, model escorts, actresses, first class cabin crew, beauty queens and high-class socialites. Strictly by appointment only. Exclusively for those refined gentlemen who know the diffference...
© 1991 Copyright Trump International - All Rights Reserved & Legal Action Taken.”

Apparently, the next available date in which the site was crawled by the online archival service, Wayback, was December 8, 2014. The top of the site reveals scantily-clad women in what one might conclude to be fancy undergarments. The site, however states that the business has been in existence since 1999.

The top of the site rotating gallery includes the following promotions “high-class service since 1991”, “high-quality model escorts”, “world’s finest travel companions”, “A discreet unforgettable girlfriend experience”.

The contact page includes “Sydney, London, Paris, Dubai, Miami, New York, Houston and worldwide.  The models featured are from various locations from around the globe.

Reviewing the “About” link reveals "Trump International Escorts is an elite introduction agency, offering an exceptional girlfriend experience (gfe), for the sophisticated gentleman who seeks only the truly finest companionship in a tasteful setting.…”
The page is signed by “Claire”                                                                                                        
The picture gallery is organized into “high class”, “elite” and “super elite”

The Fees section begins with “To the sordid topic of coin.. :-)  Our models’ appearance fees are for their time only. How you agree to spend that time together is between the two of you. A lovely, elegant girlfriend experience is available.”
However, the site does not go into any details as to what it means by “elegant girlfriend experience”.
The availabilities are not just one-night stands or gigs but includes: 
Travel Companions 
“The elite escorts are available to accompany you to any five-star hotel or resort location worldwide.”

As expected these women do not come cheap. One can “rent” the women from as low as $950 for one hour up to a “whopping” $110,000 for one month. Under the travel category, the rules are very clear. Included is the instructions that the travel must be for at least one night and the promotion and rules include the following:

“This rarely happens, as our consultation is very thorough, and our standards are extremely high. We cater regularly  to celebrities, political vips and even royalty, all of whom return for the elite quality provided exclusively by Trump International. …
….” The model escort must also have her own room key, and have the freedom to come and go as she pleases. Some clients may find it is more comfortable for the model to have her own hotel room, that is an option for you to discuss together.”

The last date on Wayback Machine that shows Trump Escorts and is October 29 2015, roughly five and a half months after Trump entered the Presidential race.  There appear to be few changes, if any, on the website.   

However, when clicking on the November 9, 2015 link, one is then electronically redirected to the Mystique Companions site, which no longer bears the Trump name or the possible official logo of Trump International Escorts.  Instead, it is donned with its own logo and name.

The site appears to be virtually identical to the site including “We're highly experienced, (established 1999), very dedicated to high-quality introductions, and devoted to maintaining our integrity and elite standards.”

According to, the domain was purchased in 2007 and has been updated in May 2016.  Also, shows that domain was created in 2006 and updated Dec. 20, 2015.

While Wayback shows one record of in 2011, that record has been blocked for public viewing by  The first public view of the Mystique escort site is November 6, 2015 which shows that the site is “coming soon”
The first available full view of the public site of Mystique, as recorded by Wayback is November 8, which coincides with the disapparance of the public presence of  

A search of Secretary of State records have not located, in New York, Delaware, New Jersey or other states searched, any reference to Trump Escorts or Trump International Escorts.  After exhaustive searches trying to locate any and all information on the Trump Escorts and the Mystique sites, we did find a press release from June 2015 which stated, “Trump Escorts Launches A New Website New Star Rating Allows Easier Model Selection”.  The release states that “a Clair Montgomery is manager at Trump Escorts”.  We also found another press release, this one undated, but presumably published after the aforementioned June 2015 press statement.  This second presser said, in part

“MultiGroup, the company behind many international businesses, including the high class escort agency Mystique Companions, has named Demi Markova as the elite introduction firm’s new president. She will work under Claire Montgomery, and oversee both its domestic and international operations.
“Markova, formerly executive vice president of the elite dating firm, has shown she has the skills, determination and dedication to take Mystique Companions to much higher levels,” said the firm’s founder and CEO, Claire Montgomery. 
“… Demi’s decision to rebrand  Trump International Escorts to Mystique Companions, and breathe new life into the company, has come at exactly the right time, with affluent gentlemen’s confidence in the economy returning. Multigroup’s exclusive, luxurious and high end escort agency, “Mystique Companions” has never been busier or in hotter demand among the rich and powerful…”

Yet, after significant searches for any other information referencing the names MultiGroup, Demi Markova and Clair Montgomery, we found no other information about any of them although we did locate some broken links, which indicate the removal of content from the Internet, for some reason.

There is no doubt that the “Trump” brand is synonymous with first-class elegance, youth, beauty, and quality.   His hotel real estate collections are the tops around the world, with locations in New York, Chicago, Miami, Rio, Vegas and other venues.  His office buildings portfolio are among the highest-rated and can be found in New York, Vegas, Waikiki, New Jersey, Florida, India, Turkey, Uruguay, just to name a few. Likewise, his golf courses exude grace, professionalism and power.  For years, Trump has owned the Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants—symbols of the most exquisite, glamorous and most-desired women in the world. 

Included within the industry of beautiful women includes his own portfolio of Trump Models.  Among the women who, according to Wikepedia, allegedly was associated as a model with the Trump model management properties was Melania Trump, his current wife.  His two former wives had also ben models (not with Trump Models) and he has often boasted about his relationship with beautiful women.

His modeling agency, Trump Models, recruits throughout the world and it sports some of the most well-known and successful models.  It also has faced a recent legal challenge- a claim by a Jamaican model who alleged that Trump models would "lure foreign models to the United States" and cheat them out of their pay.”  Although the model lost the case in lower courts, from reports, there is a possible class action being considered against Trump Models and according to some experts, there appear to be some questionable visa practices.

On its face, arguably, Trump which include its international hotel and office building real estate holdings, its Miss USA-UNIVERSE operations, golf courses, model agencies would include an operation that would arrange for top-quality women to connect with affluent men who are interested in the accompaniment of the world’s most beautiful and finessed females.  Some men, who can afford those opportunities surely would have an interest in being surrounded by young elegant women and indeed, models, while visiting one of the Trump office, hotel, golf courses and other properties.  The Trump websites images are replete with young adventurous men and women enjoying each other’s company in top-notch environments and activities.  Likewise, all of Trump properties would be the type of venues that a man and his paid escort-- whether for a night or for a month, might want to visit. It would not be a stretch to anticipate that a beautiful professional woman or model accompany and enjoy the different world’s ports, the golf courses for relaxation, travel and for business purposes.

It also would seem that the ready access to and the recruiting of the most gorgeous and refined women in the world would not be an easy task to undertake.   It would be a natural for any escort service to attempt tapping into an existing infrastructure, especially one that might already maintain a database of the world’s beauties, from pageants, model agencies, and other related environs. 

Creating a database of the top models and others with the type of class promoted by Trumps Escort and now by Mystique would not be an easy task to undertake.  Donald J. Trump is not just in the real estate, entertainment, and media business, he is also in the industry of beauty, elegance, and branding. 

For the most part, this is exactly the image Trump International Escorts and now, since November 2016 Mystique Companion has tried to present to the world. 

For these and other reasons, it would be logical that an escort service would want to be associated with the Trump operation, even if that service hijacked the identity of that operation.

It is also logical that when casual observers happen across the sultry Trump International Escort site to immediately associate it (even mistakenly) with the Trump international enterprise of models, pageants, and entertainment. 

One could imagine both the pros and cons of such a linkage.  The positives of some type of connection between the enterprise and the escort service are founded upon convenience.  Also, any possible mutual relationship, would likely be symbiotic.  An escort service would want to be linked with Trump in any and every way.  To a degree, the Trump operation might want to extend an escort service to its existing holdings.  A review of the fees involved is strong evidence that if the business operation were to be successful, as the site claims, the revenues derived could be quite attractive for all involved.

Obviously, there are also some serious downsides for Donald J. Trump and his network of business interests.  While the escort business surely serves a valuable purpose for those partaking and can be conducted without any improprieties or suggestions of inappropriate activities, it also can be viewed as being somewhat suspect, all the way, to simply being tawdry.  As a result of, there are all types of Internet allegations that Donald Trump, the presidential candidate has been running women. Just for example, the titles and content of these sites suggest that a business of this nature, which if true, or if gone unchecked, could tarnish the Trump brand and hurt the presidential aspirations:

Do escorts always have sex with you?
Elite International Escorts
Does Donald Trump run whoxxs?

A recent Youtube video promotion of Majestic Companion Service
Wild Sex Guide: Trump International Escorts
Also, some so-called ‘elite’ escort services have been associated with prostitution.  Just ask former US Attorney and Governor Elliot Spitzer and that allegedly operated by the DC Madam.
This is the ultimate question.  The answer is not readily available and cannot be known for certain-- unless more documentation becomes available.

Documentation is scant and suspect.  Neither Trump Escorts or Mystique appears on Trump’s campaign disclosure form he filed as a candidate for president.   Nor does the MultiGroup entity appear which the press release claims to operate the escort business.  The websites referred to the Trump Place location, but, that is not conclusive at all.  There has been no known verification of the existence of Trump Escorts or Mystique at that location.

However, raising the question of  some type of connection are the press releases, the Trump Escorts became the Mystique Escorts service, at least online, in November 2015, five months after Donald Trump became a candidate.   There are some mysteries along the digital trail.  The names of the operators (the President and CEO and managers Claire Montgomery and Demi Markova) don’t appear to be located in any other search results.  That, by itself, is somewhat bizarre, given the so-called long-term existence of the business and its high-profile presentation of glamor and dependability of services. You would think that a woman with the stature of the new executive, given her so-called experiences would have a digital trail a mile long, unless, for some reason, there is an interest in being undetected, either out of the risk of embarrassment, controversy or some other reason.  Also, it is quite possible that all the identities are fake.

Even when we searched the names of the past and current models, we came to a dead-end.  No information about the women appears upon search.  Also, when searching for connections of the principles and the organizations, we encountered numerous broken links.  One might argue that it would appear that there is a continued practice to hide or disguise all identities, including to destroy any digital reference to any of the principles, who have been mentioned, faked or otherwise.

In my view, one might draw equal inferences to the issues of anonymity.  The site could be a total imposter site, actually doing some kind of business but without any reference to or connection with Trump.  Yet, given the nature of some of Trump’s other businesses and their logical associations with one another, his own past, it is hard to rule out an actual Trump involvement.  Nonetheless, the online presentations of women in scanty panties being rented by the hour even up to the month, any association to the Trump’s presidential run, could be problematic, thus, the appearance of any Trump-escort relationship, undesired. 

As to why these sites even existed or still exist by electronnic redirection, the Red State publication also raises the question, why has the site changed operation?

At article close, the author states:

“Just as important are the questions this set of circumstances creates for Donald Trump. While it is certainly possible that some company was using the Trump name illegally, why did it take until Trump was deeply into his Presidential campaign for something to be done about it? If Trump neither owns nor has licensed his name to this outfit, why didn’t Trump demand ownership of the domain name instead of allowing it to continue forwarding to the new Mystique Companions International website? Why hasn’t there been a press release issued disavowing this company and stating for the record that Trump has never had anything to do with it?
We do not know the answers to these or any similar questions. All we have are several mysterious coincidences and the use of the Trump name for an extended period of time. These coincidences do raise a disturbing prospect which should be addressed and – if possible – dispelled by a man running for President. At the very least, Donald Trump should clarify what Trump Escorts is, whether this venture was somehow related to him and his businesses and – if not – how he ensured that this company is permanently distanced from his name and enterprises.”

The author makes some interesting and legitimate points.  Even if Trump does not own the domain name that is redirected to the new site, it appears he has not made any effort to disassociate himself from that site.  In fact, from court records, there appears to be no evidence of any attempt by Trump to take legal action--even after the publishing of the RedState article.  

The true owners and identities of the Internet names and are not available as they are wrapped under the private registration of DomainsbyProxy.  That company and its service are used to prevent public identification of the domain owner. However, prohibition to the real identities is not absolute. The service affirmatively states that it may reveal the name and personal information under certain legal circumstances.   We have found no legal actions filed by Trump vs. Mystique or DomainsbyProxy in any federal court since January 1, 2015, which is strongly suggestive that no legal action has been taken.   Thus, for a person who has made a number of legal threats already during his presence on the presidential campaign, one certainly could question why no similar effort has been made to separate his brand from these potentially-embarrasing sites. 

One also must wonder whether this business has existed, as it says it has, since the 1999 (if not before).   If so, did it use any other name other than Trump Escorts?  Once it went online, given the image Trump has attempted to present to the world and the need for all brands to protect their names and images, why did a change occur only after the campaign started?  As Trump has said, he employs thousands of people all over the world.  Surely, someone, somewhere in the operation, with authority and interest, could have tried to protect that valuable brand. 

Most importantly, this very escort issue underscores the utter importance that Americans have access to all relevant records including income tax records so we, as voters, can make determinations which candidate should become president.  As mentioned, Trump Escorts does not (nor any other related company) appear on Trump’s campaign disclosure.  Nor is there any reference to Mystique or MultiGroup.  Thus, if Trump has derived any revenues from this operation or incurred any expenses over the past two decades of their supposed existence, that information or even documents leading to relevant evidence might be found from the tax records.

This Trump Escorts issue is indicative of the type of paper chase the public has been encountering in this and other elections.  There are many voters (including this one) who believe we have an absolute right to know the legitimate records of our candidates.  For instance, what Hillary Clinton said during her Wall Street speeches, is fair game and any refusal to present those details is obstructionist and allows for the inference that she does not want us to know certain facts.  Trump claims that his attorneys won’t let him release his tax records.  This is unaldulterated hogwash. No attorney has any authority to tell Trump or any client what to do.  The client is the boss.  If Trump wants it released prior to the election, as he says he does, there is no legal or other prohibition preventing the releases. Trump says since he is being audited, it could hurt him with information going public.  Perhaps he is right.  Yet, by not being open with his records, the public is being hurt by such a selfish defense.

Trump has been a very successful businessman and his business interests are worldwide and enormous.  Yet there are some business practices for which he has been recently criticized  and some reports showing reasons he might not desire more public scrutiny into his business dealings.  He has already said that inquiry into his tax bracket is not the media’s business, thus, presumably, nor the business of the public.  Still, Americans have a need and a right to cull through all possible documents related to his operations.  That need and right extends to his most likely opponent, Hillary Clinton.  We have a need to determine if the next president could be a further embarrassment to this country and whether any holdings could present a potential conflict of interest.  We have a duty to know potential past business relationships.  And yes, we absolutely have a right to determine if any global foundation, such as that run by members of the Clinton family, has acted in a way that could even be considered as “potential conflict of interest”.   Calling for the family to become totally detached from that foundation is a reasonable demand.

Indeed, the websites could be fraudulent, having little or absolutely nothing to do with Donald J. Trump.  Yet, considering all of the known facts, it is not unrealistic to be concerned that Trump has benefited from an association with these sites.  For certain, it would be realistic to believe that the escort services have benefited from the Trump brand.  

If Trump were in a different industry, an inquiry of a linkage might be laughable and groundless.  But, there is a close association with the type of business of which Trump has been involved with the type of services that are promoted by women escorts.  Each voter can assess the moral relevance of an escort service and the images associated with them.

It is time for Donald Trump to make it known if he has had any relationship to those escort websites and for him to produce tax records so we can ascertain the accuracy of his response to this and other business enterprises. 

Americans have a need for all relevant records whether from Clinton or Trump.   Refusing to provide useful them or even failing to take legitimate actions to negate embarrassments and conflicts, might be the best political strategy for the candidates. Unfortunately, doing such destroys our faith in the very institutions our candidates claim they want to restore to "make this country great, again".


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