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OMG: Louisiana legislative auditor finds audit problems with State Board of CPA's

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The Louisiana political news of the day:

A believe it or not, a report just in from the Louisiana Legislative auditors, a  purple heart bill by Rep. Johnson, an angry response ex-military man and US Senate candidate, Rob Maness and some pretty interesting tweets:


For the audits of fiscal years 2014 and 2015, auditors identified problems at the State Board of Certified Public Accountants, the entity responsible for licensing and regulating CPAs in Louisiana.

Auditors found that in fiscal year 2014, the employee payroll was processed before time sheets were due, which did not allow enough time for management to review time entry and leave balances. In one case, an employee was paid for 24 hours of leave without pay, which was not recouped until three months later.

Employee records also showed negative leave balances, including one employee who had a negative balance for four consecutive pay periods but who was allowed to take leave. In addition, employee leave records did not match time sheet postings for two employees over multiple pay periods.

Auditors noted a similar finding in their report for fiscal year 2015. The 2015 audit also found that between January and March 2015, the Board did not have adequate segregation of duties over its financial operations. Specifically, the Executive Director prepared checks, approved disbursements without a formal process requiring purchase orders and/or requisitions, signed checks under $2,500, input disbursements into the general ledger, and maintained control over bank statements.

The Board also did not comply with the Louisiana Licensing Agency Budget Act in fiscal year 2015 because it did not submit its annual comprehensive budget to the appropriate entities until notified by auditors. 

In its response, the Board’s management said it was looking at ways to help ensure adequate controls are in place to maintain error-free payroll and leave records. Management officials also said the failure to submit the Board’s budget in a timely manner was an oversight and should not happen again.

Last week, Governor John Bel Edwards signed into law House Bill 355 by Rep. Mike Johnson.  HB 355 establishes a military honor license plate for the recipients of the Bronze Star Medal.

The Bronze Star Medal is the fourth-highest individual military award and the ninth-highest by order of precedence in the U.S. Military. It may be awarded for acts of heroism, acts of merit, or meritorious service in a combat zone.

Candidate for U.S. Senate in Louisiana, retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness is announcing his opposition the proposal in Congress to force women to register for Selective Service.Maness said, “I oppose the proposal currently circulating in the Senate that would insert language into this year's National Defense Authorization Act, to force our daughter's to register for the Draft. Selective Service was established as an absolute last resort in case of a national emergency, not as a means for social engineering. The fact is that there are already more than enough able-bodied men registered for Selective Service to handle any national emergency necessary, should it come to that. I'm sickened to see so many in Washington, many of whom have never served their country in uniform or seen the horrors of war firsthand, championing this proposal as some type of fight for “equality” akin to the Civil Rights Act. 
As someone who not only commanded some incredibly talented women in the Air Force and also promoted a large number of them thru the ranks, I believe women should continue to have the freedom to volunteer to serve their country in the military, but to needlessly force them to do so isn't equality, its tyranny and should be rejected in a civil society. I would ask those Democrats and Republicans in Congress supporting this proposal if they would feel comfortable sending their own daughters off to war against their will when it is not necessary?”


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Bribes in Louisiana business as usual. Shame on @LABI_biz for selling out people to benefit polluters. Disgusting.

— annerolfes (@annerolfes) May 20, 2016

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