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War on women, Clinton fatigue, Trump right to hit bimbo eruptions squad

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by Ron Chapman
Americans will be examining the candidates closely as the Presidential campaigns gear up for the final run.  Unfortunately for Hillary, she has problems with honesty and credibility.  Her polls numbers prove that 56% of Americans do not trust her. Despite the fact they she is trying to make the election about a “war on women”, both Hillary and Bill have a dismal record in this regard.

One haunting fact, female executives are paid 38% less than men at the Clinton Global Foundation according to the foundation’s own IRS tax filings. Other, more intimate issues, point to further abuse of women.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have avoided scrutiny for his various “philandering’s” for too many years.   Certainly, the media have mentioned these escapades, but they have never delved deeply into the circumstances surrounding them.  

It may legitimately be argued that the main-stream media has found itself uncomfortable in dealing with this issue because on the surface it appears far too personal. However, some of President Clinton’s “affairs” have not been welcomed by his participants, or should we say “victims.”  These ladies met with him for what they believed were legitimate business matters only to find themselves in a difficult and threatening situation.

This has become a problem for Hillary for two reasons:

First, during Clinton’s Presidency Hillary participated in putting together the “Bimbo Squad” whose purpose was to intimidate those women who came forward with stories about Bill.  She made the victim the perpetrator.  Furthermore, she and her associates did whatever was necessary to protect the Clinton name by casting the ladies in the worse possible light.  

Suddenly, today she takes the bold stance: “…any woman who reports an assault must be heard and believed.”  She obviously fails to see the hypocrisy of her position.

Contrast Hillary’s recent comment about believing female victims with this report about a 1998 Today Show interview: “Less than two weeks later, on February 8th, former high level Clinton White House operative George Stephanopoulos said on the ABC News Sunday morning talk show This Week that the Clinton administration was threatening to go scorched earth on Clinton’s accusers and investigators by employing the ‘Ellen Rometsch strategy’ should they not back down.

The ‘Ellen Rometsch strategy’ involved blackmailing into silence Clinton accusers, investigators and political opponents by threatening to expose their backgrounds if they did not back off.”

Hillary declared war on the victims of her husband’s sexual assaults.  By doing so she also intimidated others who may be out there and hesitant about coming forward.  Although she now has an epiphany about victims of sexual assault, she still refuses to apply the same standard to Bill’s victims. It is incidents like this, among others, that explains her “honesty deficit”.

Second, why hasn’t this matter been aired out properly and legally?  Consider, there is another Bill in the headlines for similar assaults, none other than “America’s Father” Bill Cosby.   The media is driven to dig into allegations against him.  

If the courts and media excitedly go back decades to review accusations about this actor, why hasn’t the same attention been focused on the other Bill… Clinton?

It is this double standard that is driving the opposition to the entrenched political establishment in America.  The Clintons personify that establishment duplicity.   The political elite believe they are immune to those laws that govern the rest of us.  As if somehow they occupy an exalted position in society that places their actions above criticism or legal enforcement.

With the Clintons it is not just about women.  Granted there are many: Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Jennifer Flowers, Sally Miller, and now the New York “Energizer Bunny.”   It’s the many other scandals that weigh down her campaign: White Water investments, cattle futures profits, Rose Law Firm billing records, Commerce Department scandal (pay to play), the Travel Office scandal, illegal campaign contributions from China, Pardongate where his Whitewater crony Jim McDougal, campaign contributor Marc Rich, and a leading cocaine dealer from Arkansas were all pardoned just before Bill left office, renting out Lincoln Bedroom, taking furniture from White House when they vacated, attacking Libya, the Ukraine disaster, rise of ISIS, Collapse of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Syria mess,  Benghazi, the Email scandal, the questionable activities of the Clinton Foundation, etc. The list is practically endless.  Yet the blame always fall on those doing the investigation.  

Indeed, it is just this sense of entitlement among those who rule us that fuels the campaigns of both Sanders and Trump.  Hillary’s unabashed duplicity energizes her opposition.  Voters are simply tired of the abuse and demand change…any change!   

The Clinton’s own actions, and not Donald Trump, are the biggest obstacle facing a Hillary candidacy.  It’s called “Clinton Fatigue” and her recent comments about a “war on women” only serve to highlight her deceitfulness.

Ron Chapman is a businessman, columnist, lives in St. Bernard and teaches at the community college.  


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