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Businessman Donald Trump's bubble, tax returns and his wonderful life

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The issue is Donald Trump, his business interests, his tax returns and his vision for America.

It is a given that Trump is an amazing person.  He has a compelling presence, has accomplished remarkable things in his life, created opportunities for tens of thousands and has inspired a large population of Americans to be involved in the process.

These are good reasons to consider Trump as our next President.

But, there are other aspects of his past, his persona that need to be discussed as we move forward in this election process.

His business practices over the years, his prior statements and the manner in which he is addressing them as he runs for the most important position on earth, President of the United States, should be reviewed with tremendous seriousness of purpose.

However, Trump’s past is not the only candidate whose business interests are fair game.

On Tuesday morning, his own spokesperson Sam Clovis (and high campaign official) made the following statement while being interviewed on MSNBC—“when you move yourself into the public domain and you want to become the President of the united States, there really isn't very much that is off limits"

He was addressing the issue of the rape references made by Trump against Bill Clinton, however, the same concept should be applicable across all issues including Trump’s and the Clinton’s business practices.

There are legitimate issues raised by Trump supporters that Clinton’s highly-paid speeches to Wall Street should be revealed.  The matter of the Clinton Foundation and the potential abuse as it relates to the nation’s foreign policy must be fully probed.  If people want to re-litigate matters such as Whitewater, the Rose billing records and other scandals of the past (that found nothing against the Clintons), go at it.  Her email scandal is an insult to Americans and today’s inspector general report shows that if anything, her judgment violated government rules.  The FBI review will determine if there are criminal charges that will be brought against her.  The Obama administration should ensure his administration, will not apply any pressure whatsoever, subtle or otherwise and interfere with this ongoing probe.  Americans must trust the process and know that their next president can be trusted, not only to guard our public secrets but also not to benefit in any way from governmental actions.

Bayoubuzz, has published and will continue to do present articles and opinions related to these issues and hopefully those opinions will provide useful information that is relevant to the issue of the Clinton’s business apparatus and her credibility as a candidate.

However, I personally believe that based upon the information we know today, Donald Trump is the worst candidate running for many reasons.   As a result, I am longing for a legitimate middle of the road 3rd party candidate so I don’t have to vote for a candidate I believe not only should not lead this country, but who I feel will seriously hurt this nation in the future.

While most of the opinions on this site are and have been pro-Trump, mine, are not.  Despite his remarkable achievements in his life, I find him to be a scam artist, totally ignorant on the major issues, intemperate and a danger to our country’s foreign interests.  While he is a masterful negotiator, those same skills actually do not translate well on the public stage.  He very vision that he will have his bombastic fingers on the button sends shivers up my spine.

Equally, what concerns me equally actually is his very strength—his business activities and history.

We have already looked at claims that he has presented a golf course on his campaign declaration worth over 50 billion, yet, when it came time to value the same for tax purposes, the property was pegged by him at a mere fraction, less than 2 billion.

There are serious claims and lawsuits against him such as the Trump University issues, which right now are allegations, just as the charges against Clinton are, at this time.

But, what we do know to be certain is the fact that he did make the forward-looking comment regarding the collapse of the real estate bubble.  He now scoffs at the criticisms lodged against him and his retort has been, so what!  He says that having an interest in the economy tubing and his making money as a result is appropriate, because he is a businessman and this is what businessmen do.

True, they make money.  As a businessman, there is nothing wrong with his and their doing so.

However, Clovis has indicated, once Trump put himself out to become a public official, particularly our nation’s leader, it is fair and actually necessary that we look at his attitudes and practices, which includes his refusal to release his income tax information.  His claim that his attorneys won’t let him is pretense.  I believe it is a lie since he has total control over what he can do as it relates to his tax returns.

So, he has a decision to make.  The fact that he is continuously under audit as he claims, is an issue worth scrutinizing.  He claims he has other rich people who are not treated the same.  So, the question logically is raised, why is he under perpetual federal review and they not?

Most importantly, the reality that he is putting his own personal wealth above the needs of the nation and the people he wants to serve (and that will entrust their faith and their futures in him) is sinful.  If he will put his wealth and business over the nation’s best interest, what exactly will happen when his family business continues to exist while he is President of the United States?

The fact that the last public record of income taxes show that he did not pay a penny in taxes is most disturbing.  The notion that he can do this as a businessman is fine.  But, for him to now claim that he wants to beef up the military, our education system and so many of the other guarantees he has made to us and expect others to pay taxes willingly and he not, defies logic.

Thus, I have created this video that deals with some of these issues.

The question of trust in business and trust in government is profound.  Our country has witnessed the worst economic collapses at a time when we have allowed business people and industries to run their industries and operations roughshod and without recourse.

Greed can drive a nation to greatness, but, it can corrupt a process causing tremendous strain on its people. Indeed, we need businesses to make this country great and since they take major risks, they should be awarded for them.

But, we don’t need businesses to abuse the trust we place upon them simply so they can save or make another buck.   

This might be what businessmen want to do.

However, it must not be what businessmen, who want to be president, should have any opportunity to have one, and now, to hide.

Did you watch the video, above?  Please do.

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