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TP's hit on AG vs. John Bel Edwards is Jeff Landry's badge of honor

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The Times Picayune does not like Attorney General Jeff Landry. It seems the newspaper is upset that the Attorney General is a conservative. In an editorial today, the liberal newspaper said that Landry is “confused” about whether he is Governor or Attorney General. In reality, he is not confused, but has to continually do battle with the liberal agenda of Governor Edwards.

Thankfully, there is a statewide elected official like Landry representing the state's conservative voters, who comprise a strong majority of the Louisiana electorate. Edwards, whether he is advocating LGBT rights, higher taxes, or increased welfare for able bodied recipients is not representing the views of most Louisiana voters.

In last year's race for Governor, Edwards promoted a platform emphasizing his military background and his conservative views on abortion and gun rights. Unfortunately, his tenure as Governor has showcased a liberal who does not represent the majority of Louisiana voters. Edwards was elected due to the vulnerabilities of his opponent and the in-fighting in the Louisiana Republican Party, but he did not receive a mandate to pursue a liberal agenda.

In contrast, Landry is in tune with voters who are sick of cities like New Orleans and Lafayette providing sanctuary to illegal aliens. He clearly represents the views of most citizens who are outraged at the Obama administration pursuing a radical plan forcing school districts to accommodate transgender students and inconvenience and potentially harm the vast majority of students.

These battles with the Governor will continue, which is why the Attorney General's budget should be independent from the executive branch. Sadly, the Louisiana Legislature rejected Landry's attempt to control his budget. It is ridiculous for the Louisiana Attorney General's budget to be under the control of the Governor. John Bel Edwards has a much different agenda from Landry and may attempt to limit Landry's budget as political retribution. As a statewide elected official, Landry is responsible only to the voters, not the Governor. Edwards is not Landry's boss, so he should have no control over his budget.

Losing the battle of the budget was not the only loss for the Attorney General this week in the legislature. Legislation that he strongly supported to withhold construction funds from cities that provide a sanctuary to illegal aliens failed in a Senate committee. So, New Orleans and Lafayette can continue to receive state construction funds, violate the law and provide sanctuary to lawbreakers. When asked, Governor Edwards expressed more concern about the cities losing construction funds than the sanctuary being provided to lawbreakers.

The Times Picayune was also upset that Landry did not seek the approval or input of Governor Edwards before joining an 11 state lawsuit against the President's radical transgender bathroom directive.

Again, Landry has to represent the people of Louisiana and protect them from unlawful actions of the federal government. The 11 states are to be commended for standing up to President Obama's transgender initiative.

Congratulations to the Attorney General for having the courage of his convictions and for challenging the liberal agenda of both Governor Edwards and President Obama. To have the Times Picayune as an opponent is nothing more than a badge of honor.  




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