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John F. Kennedy, Donald Trump, profiles in differences

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“The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds.  Despite the striking fact that most of the scientists that the world has ever known are alive and working today, despite the fact that this Nation's own scientific manpower is doubling every 12 years in a rate of growth more than three times that of our population as a whole, despite that, the vast stretches of the unknown and the unanswered and the unfinished still far out-strip our collective comprehension.”

-A statement President John F. Kennedy made at Rice University, September 12, 1962.

“We won with the poorly educated, I love the poorly educated”
--Donald J. Trump told his supporters after winning the Nevada primary, earlier this year.  

 “To our sister republic, south of our border, we owe a very special pledge, to convert our good words, into good deeds”.--

--John J. Kennedy stated during his inaugural address, Jan. 1961.

“We’re going to build a wall, and yesterday the top person, president of Mexico said, we will never, ever pay for that wall. And the press called me up and said Calderon, the head man, top person, they said he won’t pay for it.  And you know what I just said, the wall just got ten feet higher”,

--Donald J. Trump said at Clemson University, 2016 

Two men.  Statements made, roughly fifty-five years apart from one another.  Different times.  One man, a former President of the United States, who understood the importance of being able realize the aspirations of those who want to dream for the betterment of the entire world, who saw our neighbors as an integral part of an atmosphere of mutual understanding and cooperation.   The other man, who wants--not only to be President of the United States, but leader of the free world and the most powerful man on the planet—speaks of a totally different vision.  Donald Trump believes America must wall itself from the rest of the nation and insult those who not only have different views but different origins.

Here is an online video, I discovered today, that shows the differences in the beliefs, styles and attitudes of Kennedy and Trump.  Not only does the contrast present the qualities of the two men, but, to some extent, reflects the hearts of their respective followers.

Watch the video below

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