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Trump is faux conservative, his plans illogical, but then there's Hillary

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By Ron Chapman

And now for Donald Trump.

Last week’s article detailed the many problems plaguing Hillary Clinton: her character, her reputation, her dishonesty, and her campaign.   Particular emphasis was placed on how her persistent “ethical problems” account for her lack of trust.

Donald Trump shares unfavorable numbers with Hillary Clinton in regards to “trust”. 57% of Americans don’t trust him and 66% don’t trust her.    Americans have problems with both candidates. In Trump’s case, it is not a litany of questionable activities that lead to the erosion of confidence. It is a lack of consistency on his stances, the vociferousness of his attacks, and his dearth of Presidential gravitas.
Trump has taken a variety of positions over time on many issues.  He is non-ideological and seems to have no firm political foundation.  One republican stated that he alters his positions because “…he is always playing to the crowd.”  This makes having trust in his determination to hold to a position questionable. Furthermore, its raises the specter of demagoguery. 
Interesting to note, just as Sanders is not a Democrat; Trump is not a Republican.  He is neither conservative nor liberal.  He is a mix of both depending upon the issue.  His problem stems from the fact that his positions continually evolve and no one really knows what today’s flavor happens to be, or will it change tomorrow? 
This lack of consistency gives thinking people pause.  Where does he really stand on issues?  Such questions generate a lack of trust.

Perhaps the biggest hit on Trump comes from his unscripted comments made on the spur of the moment.  He speaks before he thinks.  Furthermore, his comments are too often inflammatory and needlessly hurtful.   

Personal attacks have no place in a Presidential campaign.  Trump has lowered the process to resembling a demeaning shouting match among undisciplined playground children.  Certainly not the behavior one would expect from a President.  Americans respect the Presidency and expect their President to behave accordingly.  Trump fails in this regard.  Americans don’t trust him to maintain the majesty of the office.

These sudden outbursts also generate a lack of trust.  Take for example his comments on Egyptian Air disaster.  Granted all indications point to a terrorist attack, but that has not been established.  A careful thinker would fashion his comments accordingly.  If he reacts so strongly without evidence …what if a real problem should arise once he occupies the Oval Office?  Would he react emotionally or logically?  …after careful deliberation or spontaneously?  Americans are not sure they can trust he would make a carefully reasoned and deliberate response.

On the same topic, his rants have unnecessarily turned off large segments of the population.  President Obama has done real damage to the American people by dividing us to achieve his political agenda.  Trump is doing the same.  Americans don’t trust Trump to heal these wounds, which is critical as America faces some real challenges ahead.

His knowledge of foreign policy is limited and his level of experience with governing non-existent.  Some may argue this is a positive.  However, one cannot govern when lacking the knowledge about how to govern.  Americans lack trust that he can accomplish his goals.

On immigration most Americans agree that we need to control our borders.  It is not merely crime and drugs that concern people.  It is the continued “open door” policy espoused by the Obama Administration what has placed a strain on our social welfare programs, limited job opportunities for some Americans, created opportunities for terrorism, and even created a suitable environment for the spread of diseases... Sika, TB, etc.   

It is not possible or even logical to consider deporting 11 million illegal aliens who presently reside in the United States.   Most recent arrivals, yes.  But those who have made a life here over many years must be considered differently.  Not amnesty, but a clear earned path to citizenship.  Can Trump be trusted to handle this issue logically?

Build a wall...Yes.  Even the Europeans are now building walls against illegal immigrants. Mexico built a wall on its border with Guatemala.   But there are ways to achieve “building a wall” without outraging so many people of Hispanic heritage.  Many Americans don’t trust him to do this right.

On Muslims entering the nation, his position is far too strident.  It’s not a matter of religion, but of national origin.  People coming from centers of terrorism must be properly vetted or no entry.  Failure to perform this task places Americans at unnecessary risk.  Most Muslims are peaceful wonderful people who share in the American dream and some serve honorably in our military.  Americans lack trust that Trump would take a measured response.

All of these issues highlight the fundamental problem with people trusting Trump.  No one really knows where he stands on issues and few agree with the rhetoric he employs to make his points.   Americans have to trust that their President will behave Presidentially, respond to a crisis reasonably, and unite our nation. 

Donald Trump has done little to alleviate these concerns.  Like Hillary, Donald has real issues with trust.   Granted the concerns are different, but they are a real and he has yet to address them. 

The difference is Trump has the capacity to correct his failings.  Hillary, on the other hand, is permanently scarred with a long tradition of questions about her honesty.    Sadly, this election is devolving into which candidate one finds less objectionable.  


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