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Tom Aswell talks Bobby Jindal's biggest busts

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In part one of a multi-part interview that we had with Tom Aswell, who has recently written a book related to former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal,  we discussed the reasons why Aswell became disenchanted with the former Governor.  Aswell had voted for Jindal in both 2003 and 2007 but, he began to question certain aspects of Jindal's judgment that suggested the governnor might have other objectives, such as a run for United States President.

Below is part two of the interview.  This segment focuses upon an area in which Aswell considered to be Jindal's biggest "bust" of all.

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SABLUDOWSKY: So in terms of those areas where you think that he was, perhaps, more show, then real, he blasted him for a lot of different things--his privatizations hospitals, just about everything that he did, but out of those things that he did, which would you say was probably the biggest bust of all?

ASWELL: Dismantling the medical schools, we had some of the finest medical schools in the nation and he has dismantled it and the charity hospital system has been destroyed by him. He gave away the North Louisiana hospitals in Monroe. He gave away to accompany run by a man who was the LSU Board of Supervisors who was allowed to vote on the deal--that's a direct conflict of interest, and not only that, he gave away those hospitals through a contract that had 50 blank pages, there is no business in the world that is going to sign off on a contract that has with 50 blank pages. It's not going to happen. Yet Christie Nichols said will fill in the blanks later. That's just not done

SABLUDOWSKY: That's the hospital, am I correct, and may be closing

ASWELL: Yes that's correct, that's evidence of what you get??, He was advised against it by Dr. Fred cerise and of course, he was summarily fired and Dr. Roxanne Townsend also sided with Dr. cerise and likewise she wasn't fired but she was demoted and she wound up leaving the state and this was the mentality that you dealt with--you're either with me or you're gone. There was no room for dissension and that's unhealthy.

SABLUDOWSKY: One of things that construct me early on was is bringing in people who had no experience in government, from Jimmy Teeple to just about everybody, his communications staff, they were political hacks.

aSWELL: Absolutely, and they were young and as you said inexperience and that didn't seem to matter and they rolled over anyone who stood in their way and their often repeated mantra was well, if they don't like it, let them sue us, and that's not the way you do things. You negotiate and you compromise and those two words are not in his vocabulary

Interview with Tom Aswell, author of new book critical of Bobby Jindal Pt. 1

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