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So, is Donald Trump, a bigot and dangerous?

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So, is Trump a Really a Bigot?  

This was the question I asked in part one of this series.  In the initial segment, we offered reasons that defy that very claim and recent rationales questioning why anybody would not characterize him, as such.

Anybody, still seriously debating the issue, might also want to consider the following and add, if his bigotry is dangerous:  
Over the past half-century, no Democrat or Republican candidates, other than Pat Buchanan, David Duke and George Wallace have raised so much racial concerns while appearing on the national stage—other than Donald Trump.  Not Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, George, GHW or GW Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney (and no Democrats) have ever been accused, on a regular basis of being a bigot and even a racist!  And, all of them have dealt with crime, welfare, revolts in the cities, immigration and terror.  These political issues didn’t just suddenly appear … historically, it has all been happening in America for eons. 

Trump’s association with hate speech and invective is no accident, it is intentional. Remember—his supporters have been claiming from day one, Trump is saying what they have been thinking, but fear to state publicly.  This is exactly what Duke supporters said throughout his own political heyday. 

No one is saying we should not find a way to protect ourselves from radical Islamic terrorism. He clearly has been the most right-wing on the issue of Muslim violence, even suggesting a most offensive, outrageous solution of militarily killing families of terrorists, including babies. Where did he come up with this extermination program? It harkens back to WW2 and the Final Solution - the systemic genocide of Jews in Germany! Even Israel, which has been viciously attacked by terrorists make every effort to safeguard against barbaric intentional slaughterings..  The military leadership and conservative Republicans slammed him for such incendiary statements!  But, throwing out the most extreme possible remedy—one everyone knows cannot be and will never be implemented, is patent race/religion baiting bigotry.  Yet, he had no qualms and has repeatedly insisted he would keep all Muslims out of the US (“… until we figure out what the hell is going on?”); build a wall (and force Mexico to pay for it); and, evict eleven million illegal immigrants … all without any actual substantive plan or timeline! Because Trump’s platform points are like promissory notes his mouth is making but this country cannot cash!

We have observed Trump present many extreme positions against Hispanics and Muslims. And, think, well, we need to do something about it, don’t we? We have illegal Mexicans breaking the law and draining our welfare resources.  And, radical Islamic terrorism is threatening our very existence!  These multi-cultural problems need serious and drastic solutions, right?”

Yes, indeed.  We need serious, viable solutions, not Trump’s pathetic foolish and comical offerings by the master of shock “shlock” intended to pluck the passion and heart strings of our nation’s most-angry.  We need legitimate discussions not the latest verbal bombs hoping to convince our new wave of cultural and political anarchists wanting to burn down the system, whatever the costs and with lack of regard for whomever is insulted.   So, compare all of his combustions and rhetoric to what occurred during WW2 which many believe was one of the most egregious eras in modern history.  We needed drastic solutions then too, right … since at the time, the U.S. was under a declaration of world war!  So, fear and hatred evolved a solution to intern all Japanese people on American soil in detention camps!  A decision which would bring embarrassment to our nation well into the 21st Century!

As a nation, we have experienced tragic Islamic terrorist hits on our soil.  And, we have witnessed horrific right wing and left wing terrorist acts, as well.  Yet, Trump is recommending we take unconstitutional action which would violate our basic American values by totally keeping all Muslims out of the country (even temporarily) to impossibly reduce all potential risks? 

Aren’t there more reasonable, less drastic solutions and actions we can take to prevent radical Islamic terror?  Of course there are.  But, in the world of Trump, what was to gain votes in a staunch conservative primaries was is to be the most strident, striking the bells of hate with these outlandish stances …  denounced by other serious conservative candidates and media, just so he could pull ahead of the rest of the pack. 

Add to all of his controversial remarks such as paying the legal fees of supporters to take down abusive protesters; a pitiful failure to disassociate from David Duke and right wing hate groups and blatantly lies to the public to cover his own tracks.  Trump has repeatedly retweeted racist spew from professed racist extremists and publicly stated a falsehood at stump speeches about how there were thousands and thousands of Muslims cheering the destruction of the WTC without a shred of evidence!  The liberal birther conspiracy ideator propelled into the conservative campaign is a political reality show farce … both at its pinnacle, as well as, its own nadir!  

Of course, the conservative platform should make illegal immigration a critical campaign issue.  We have a major problem and it must be addressed.  Hillary Clinton herself has said in the past that we might need to build some physical structure in some places on the border.  But, calling Mexicans “rapists” then walking back on his “race-baiting” by stating and there may be some good people too—that type of language was intentionally provocative to gain attention and support at the expense of those who are being victimized.  Stating a problem and a solution is one thing.  Intentionally trying to creating an irrational emotional feeling of hate, based upon ethnicity, race, religion without presenting legitimate solutions, for the primary purpose of gaining a political benefit—that’s a special kind of racist bigotry sanctioned by the GOP as their candidate! Can this election cycle saga get any more bizarre?

Imagine … if I were to say, “we should put up walls in the inner cities to reduce the crime in white areas because those causing the crime are rapists, thugs, killers and I guess there are some good people”.  Would anybody question my rhetoric and my solutions and not consider me to be outlandish, hateful and …  yes, racist?  And, suppose I add …  and THEY are going to pay for it … then after being ridiculed, I proclaim, well, that wall just got ten feet higher, (which is exactly what Trump said after former Mexican President Vincente Fox responded with his own profanity laced outrage!)

We know Trump has been making these ongoing statements for their emotional and political impact.  In doing so, he and his followers defend them as blowing up "political-correct" speech, supposedly needing a good torch.  He has won a far right wing base, which already heralded him as a hero when he labeled the first black President, as a birther (a charge so widely discredited that he refuses to bring it up on the campaign trail).  

So, is Trump a bigot?  Surely, he has made innumerable statements and promoted his ’suggestions’ which might be heralded in the minds of those who want a revolution, regardless of its logic or impact.  However, life has taught us many lessons over time.  One of the most undeniable is, you reap what you sow.  Destruction for the sake of destruction, creates chaos.  Of all of those who are discoveriing this reality is no less than the Republican Party which is endangered in now only losing the White House but the down-vote for members in Congress and elsewhere! We have seen this already occur with Trump endorsements and conservative candidates have begun renouncing him. Next phase we will watch MSM who gave him $1.5 Billion in free airtime to build him up … get reimbursed handsomely by the DNC and their supporters in paid commercial airtime.  Grab the popcorn and a cold drink.  This election cycle is going to have a very long, hot political summer!

Is Trump really a dangerous bigot?  Well, unfortunately, let us count the ways.  The answer is resoundingly loud and gnawing  …..  here’s part of the ever-growing record and related issues.

Is The Real Donald Trump Really a bigot? Part I


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