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Trump self-congrats, post-Orlando gay attack, Obama blames guns; Politics prevails

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On Sunday morning, the world discovered the horrors of the Orlando terror attack at the Pulse gay nightclub.
When America awoke to the news, the social media boards, particularly Twitter and Facebook, exploded.  Trump proponents blamed Obama and Clinton and the discussion turned to how President Obama would not use the word “Islamic terror” and would blame guns. 

At first opportunity, Donald Trump tweeted, said he has been roundly congratulated and said he was right, taking credit for warning of this type of terror attack and suggesting his policies would have prevented them.  During his press conference, President Barack Obama blamed rapid-fire guns for another attack.
The anti-Trump forces immediately blasted the Republican Presidential candidate for engaging in politics and self-serving congratulatory rhetoric.  Likewise, the Trump crowd on social media posted, “we told you so” type posts. 
Meanwhile, tens of millions mourned privately and publicly. 
Which events raise numerous questions:  At what point do we put elections-politics aside and focus upon the victims and possible solutions?  Did Donald Trump act in a repugnant manner with his tweets and statements?  Did President Obama play to the Trump supporters’ criticisms by blaming guns again during his press statement?
Here is a video I have created that reviews Trump’s comments, the Facebook responses in favor and against and further thoughts how America is engaging in self-inflicted wounds as we immediately respond to the terror attack horrors in the height of an election season. 


Watch the video above, thanks

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