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Jeff Landry's Attorney General Office wins HHS award from last year, HUH? WHAT?

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Congratulations to Attorney General Jeff Landry's office, for earning the "U.S. DHHS-Inspector General’s Award of Excellence"

From the Office of  AG Jeff Landry:








Attorney General Jeff Landry’s Office Earns U.S. DHHS-Inspector General’s Award of Excellence

Louisiana Wins National Award for Fighting Medicaid Fraud

WASHINGTON, DC – Attorney General Jeff Landry’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit has been selected to receive the United States Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General’s Award of Excellence in Fighting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.

“This award is a true honor and a testament to the hard-work and service of our Medicaid Fraud Control Unit,” said Attorney General Jeff Landry. “While we are concerned that recent cuts to our budget may have a negative impact on our office’s attempt to keep this standard of excellence, we remain committed to protecting Louisiana’s resources and vigorously prosecuting criminals who threaten care for our State’s vulnerable and steal taxpayer money.”

“Our office and entire State are blessed to have a Medicaid Fraud Control Unit with the professionalism and dedication to protecting Louisiana’s vulnerable and taxpayers,” continued Attorney General Jeff Landry. “Our team last year obtained 91 indictments, 73 convictions, and 25 civil settlements or judgements – recovering $17,905,243.” (Our italics for emphasis)

“My Medicaid Fraud Control Unit also assists their colleagues throughout the country,” noted Attorney General Jeff Landry. “In addition to conducting 24 joint investigations with Federal agencies, our team contributed to the training and case coordination activities of the National Association of Medicaid Fraud Control Units and hosted their annual training conference.” 

Inspector General for the United States Department of Health and Human Services Daniel Levinson is expected to present the award this afternoon in Washington, DC. 


Yes, I italicized the words "last year". 

Interesting that the award is for fighting "fraud".

Last year, and even a week of this year, the Attorney General was none other than Buddy Caldwell, also a Republican.  Landry defeated Caldwell in the  fall 2015 elections.  The current Attorney General did not take office until the second week of January 2016.  The award did not cover 2016, but 2015.

Thus, in plain English, while Landry is currently the Attorney General for Louisiana, and while he would be the appropriate official to accept the award for the Attorney General's Office, it clearly was not Landry's unit that won the award, but Caldwell.

How Landry feels that he can take credit for work performed by the Louisiana Attorney General Office solely under the control of Caldwell is beyond me.  I know Landry is haviing a bad legislative session and might want as much attention and credit as possible, but what is fair, is fair.  Perhaps Landry could have mentioned Caldwell's name in the statement, just out of respect for the truth?

What do you think?


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