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Crouere: Trump, Washington Post, Muslim ban, Orlando Terror, Paul Ryan, Clinton

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It's only June and the nation, talk radio and particularly Washington DC is getting hotter as terror attacks, Muslim bans and Presidential politics are debated.

Donald Trump, Washington Post, freedom of speech, Orlando terror attacks, Trump banning the Washington Post, that newspaper's hypocrisy, Paul Ryan running for president--these were issues that radio talk show host Jeff Crouere and Bayoubuzz’s Stephen Sabludowsky discussed today on WGSO so radio, 990 AM, this morning.

During their weekly radio program, Crouere brought up the claim that the Muslim terrorist who slaughtered the gays at Orlando nightclub might have been gave himself have been gay.  Crouere also said his father made pro-Afghanistan remarks and used American communication resources push an agenda averse to America. Sabludowsky responded that his speech is protected by the first amendment and this is America no matter how repugnant the speech might be, and s part of freedom of speech that we all embrace. He then suggested that Donald Trump in recently banning the Washington Post from covering his campaign should likewise protect the First Amendment and not engage in actions destructive to that Amendment.  He noted that Pres. Obama was greatly criticized for harming the Free Speech, a few years ago, with his actions against Time magazine and other publications.

Crouere cried Washington Post hypocrisy stating he recently interviewed a reporter from the Washington Post and after the interview he received a call from the paper--berating him--for asking questions about why that publication is putting so many reporters to cover Trump and not Clinton. Crouere said that he believes that this pure hypocrisy by the Washington Post.

Towards the end of the program, a caller made “Brian from Metairie”, said that he was watching Paul Ryan in a press conference earlier that morning and that Ryan was very angry and that it appeared that he was running for President of the United States. Sabludowsky said that this would not surprise him because of general disgust that many Republicans and others have towards Donald Trump.

Here is a video of the radio discussion. Click watch and listen.

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