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Maness interview: Obamacare, US and Louisiana's greatest problems

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Two of the most important issues facing the nation this election season is healthcare and the future of the Affordable Care Act, aka, Obamacare and the federal debt.

Republican Retired Colonel Rob Maness, who is running for US Senator for Louisiana has made both of these issues top priority during his past and current campaign for the elective seat.

On Tuesday, Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of asked Maness about the healthcare issue and the US debt.

Maness said it was critical to repeal and replace Obamacare with a free market system so premiums would be lowered due to competition and selling insurance across stateline.  He also is in favor of making health insurance like a 401 (k), “that travels with the person so we don't have to worry about losing his job so can build a free market mechanisms so we can resolve the pre-existing conditions”.  
Sabludowsky explained that one of the issues that really concerns him is the abrupt repealing of the law which the Republican House has tried to do roughly 60 times.  He said that in his opinion, if Congress were to repeal the law without also having a mechanism in place, all of the insurance policies that are in place would be subject to cancellation as being null and void since they arose during the Obamacare period, which law would suddennly be repealed.
Maness said he was unaware of such a claim but that he felt the new system would be ramped up over time.
Rob Maness also said that the next shoe that would drop will impact tax credits for those who qualify in that the insured’s would have to repay advance premiums from their tax refund check.  Sabludowsky said the federal government has been doing this for past-two years.
Maness emphasized that the government must get to a “free-market concept rather than a giant government bureaucracy”.  He said that Obamacare along with other government regulations were crippling small businesses and preventing them from opening and growing. 


When asked to define the country’s greatest challenge, Maness said it is the  $19 trillion in national debt and the future of our children and grandchildren that we must start to get that resolved.  He favors a balanced budget amendment to the constitution and a “penny plan” which he said, “cuts one cent off of every federal dollar for seven years until we reach a balanced budget”.   
Maness also favors the “fair tax” which is a consumption tax that has been around for a few years in the House and Senate.  He said he is going to sponsor that because it eliminates the income tax puts ‘dollars in your pocket” and is based upon purchase. 
Maness said this would free up trillions of dollars that are overseas which will return back to the United States due to the income tax. 
Maness also said the most important issue to Louisiana are the tax giveaways and credits, federal corporate taxes and federal regulations that causes downward pressure on the state.  

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