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Armitage for Clinton, Trump thumps NRA, Battleground shift and the Lord‘s candidate

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No doubt, Donald Trump has had better weeks.
His poll numbers are in the tube, compared to only a few weeks ago.  Republicans are getting nervous.
So, I wanted to check what was being said on twitter.

At the top of the twitter page today, focused upon Donald Trump, an interesting news story appears, Richard Armitage, a George W. Bush official is not voting for Trump, but voting for, yep—Hillary Clinton.  A sign of Republicans pulling ship?  Or, is it just another Bush appointee teaming up on the Republican presumptive nominee?
Another news bit--Blacks are absolutely not happy with Trump.  Well, that shouldn’t surprise us, right?
And another—Trump looking for cash, veering from battle ground states, hmmm.  Now, that is worth looking at.
Scrolling down—Trump reverses field.  For now, Trump is thumping the NRA’s position on guns and no-fly list.  

Shows spine.  Spunk.  You don’t mess with the NRA, but, who do they have, Clinton?
And, there is the video that God has chosen who he wants to be President, or so it seems.
You’ll have to watch the video to see the mysterious way he is expressing himself politically.   


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