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No guns needed, Hillary Clinton has your back, but here's how you can combat ISIS

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After Omar Mateen, a radical Islamist and a lone self-selected ISIS gunman, shot 49 Orlando clubbers dead and wounded 53 more, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told the American gay community not to worry: If they elect her, Hillary promises, “you will have millions of allies who will always have your back.”

Always have your back?”

Is that, armed or unarmed?

With a gun, or without a gun?

And if the protectors have no guns, how will lives be saved?

Hillary’s hands were high in the air, a new gesture she’s adopted since basking in the adulation of her speech claiming to be “the presumptive nominee,” despite her opponent, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, skulking in the shadows and, like those Japanese soldiers living rough in the jungles of Iwo Jima long after World War II’s end, refusing to give up.

Hillary held her hands high when she promised to “always have your back.”

But there was no gun in them.

And now, Hillary wants to take guns out of the hands of all civilians.

Gun sales are now way up, and while this is typical after mass murders, it is also a sign that nobody except the truly deluded believes that Hillary will ever have anyone’s back except her own.  Americans are well aware that the time is coming where they may have to greet ISIS fighters on America’s own streets, as has happened in France and Belgium.

The Democrats are trying hard to turn the Orlando mass murder into a gun issue and a gay issue.

But I submit that all evidence indicates that it is an ISIS issue.

Are you a responsible gun owner right now?  Do you own a firearm and take regular lessons and practice how to use it?

Good.  Now, go out and buy two more, because we are facing terrible times if our politicians fail to rid us of ISIS.  And by “rid,” I mean “kill.”  “Take out.” “Eliminate.”  Because there can be no truce with ISIS.

And this is their rule– not ours.

You remember ISIS– the army of Muslim loonies who took over Iraq, are taking over Syria, and want to take over the entire Middle East and then, everything else.

ISIS has slowly evolved from the 9/11 atrocities to its present incarnation, but it is the same deadly virus intent on wiping the earth clean of, well, clean of everyone, including Muslims, who will not think exactly like ISIS and resist being enslaved by ISIS.

Every American, every European, and certainly every non-radicalized Muslim who lives in the West, is in terrible danger.

Omar Mateen murdered gays not only because, in ISIS’s demented view of Islam, gays are considered an abomination who can be murdered at any time, but because he had a pretty good idea that, at least the gays and their friends in Pulse, would not be prepared to fight him back.

He chose a weak but very large, very distracted target.

Resisting such a shooting requires a lot of people in panic, running for their lives.

But facts dribbling out indicate that Omar’s rampage lasted for HOURS.

And that might give the next group of victims time to do something.

What could you do?

Well, many things that would require great courage and perhaps even some planning.  Americans need to realize that, since 9/11 and, more importantly, George W. Bush’s very ill-advised foray into Iraq (which helped create Al Qaeda-In-Iraq and flooded Iraq with Muslim extremists from all over the world), we are truly fundamentally at war.  This is NOT a war with regular, mainstream Islam (although regular Islam could be doing much more to help, and needs to be called upon to now act).  Our war has been thrust upon us, and it is a highly UNCONVENTIONAL war.

As citizens, we must prepare ourselves and our children, for it is a fight that may well head into their generation if politicians keep characterizing it as a “war on guns” or a “war on gays.”

Donald Trump’s position to halt Syrian and even what he calls “Muslim” immigration, at least temporarily, is probably a good, strong first step.  Whoever wins the presidency will also have to determinedly win the war in the Middle East.  American must come to the fore, and work with all Middle Eastern states threatened by ISIS, to strike ISIS deadly blows with airpower, and also deploy special ground forces to re-take the entire region held by ISIS.

Our jobs, as citizens, begin at home.

Start making your homes more secure.  Start keeping tighter tabs on your families.  Start paying greater attention when you are out and about, especially in any activity involving large crowds.  Start learning about who your community police and firemen are.  Instead of paying for yet another colorful Gay Pride parade, put your money together and buy your local police...well, find out what they need.  Do they need another police dog?  Some kevlar vests?  Put your money there.  

Gays will always be soft targets of ISIS annd they need to start protecting themselves. 

Or, even better, buy something for yourself that will keep you and your family safer.

Use your imagination, and always follow the laws.  If you buy a weapon, learn how to use it, and train to use it.

Practice, practice, practice.

After World War II was over, everyone relaxed not a little but a lot.  And citizen preparedness for Nazis coming over the hills in Battle Creek, Michigan, or the Japanese invading California, became a source of popular mockery.

But, by and large, citizen preparedness groups were ready to resist Nazis.  It’s not a popular position today, and as a result, we in the West are not ready to face ISIS.

And there is so much we as citizens can do to fight this war– even without owning one gun!

First, we can learn more about our enemy.  A good start is Malcolm Nance’s remarkable book, “Defeating ISIS: Who They Are, How They Fight, What They Believe.”  Nance’s book is a long but fascinating read– a good book to read aloud to your family at nights instead of a week of mindless television and video games.  It’s an even better book to read as a community, perhaps through a book club.

Next, we can talk to our Muslim neighbors, who are usually excellent neighbors.  But they need to start doing more than just looking shocked and dismayed, and disassociating themselves from “radical Islam” every time ISIS commits some atrocity.  In Omar Mateen’s case, he attended Florida mosques that did have some association with ISIS fighters and extremists.  Non-Muslims need to start communicating with Muslims in their communities and start demanding that they behave like the good American citizens they always claim to be.

And sometimes, that means turning people in.

Sometimes, that means identifying to authorities people who may have ISIS ties.

Sometimes, that means reporting on one’s own faithful.

American Muslims will have to make important, life-changing decisions on what roles they want to play in ISIS’s War on the West.  But their American neighbors can help them make good decisions, if they try to engage them in community debates that are genuine meetings and not CAIR-controlled photo-ops.

And American Muslims who resist ISIS need the help of every single American.  ISIS’s message is, overall, meant for Muslims who have adjusted and accommodated to the West.  ISIS’s message to these Muslims is this: “We speak for Islam.  We are changing Islam.  WE ARE COMING FOR YOU.”

Make your own neighborhood coalition of all nations, all faiths, all creeds.

And then, put it on YouTube!  ISIS considers YouTube to be its particular propaganda machine.  ISIS doesn't want us to use it.

So, use it.

ISIS has massacred Christian Copts, and put its horrendous, psychopathic videos online.  Do you want to stop ISIS?  Then support the things that ISIS hates.  Find a Coptic community near you, and engage it.  Go to its church, visit its people.  Coptic Christianity is one of the oldest Christian communities in the world still in existence.  ISIS intends to wipe it and every Christian and Jewish community off what it calls “The Arabian Peninsula.”  But this is in direct opposition to what the Qur’an, Islam’s holiest book, tells people to do.

Christian and Jews are very much a part of Islam’s tapestry.  Everything in Islamic law and practice orders the safeguarding of Jews and Christians.

Murder is not allowed.

Tell ISIS it is going to burn in hell forever for its perversion of Islam.  Call the White House and demand that President Obama make the announcement– ISIS is composed of radical Islamist Extremist-Perverts who will most certainly burn in hell for all eternity.  There will be no Paradise, no virgins, no gardens of splendor for them in the afterlife.

Paradise is reserved for the victims ISIS has murdered– savagely and without any of the splendorous compassion that so characterizes the true Islam.

Go online and make the post– again, and gain and again: ISIS unjustly murders the weak and those who have done no harm.  ISIS is an affront to God.  Tell them that ISIS is “Khawarij (means "Chicken S**t) .”

"Khawarij" is NOT how ISIS wants to see itself.  So, keep saying that word, over and over and over again.  

Planning a trip abroad?  Go to Egypt, and voice your support for Egyptian Christians and Jews.  Visit the most ancient and beautiful churches and synagogues in the world.  Go to Turkey, where secularism is besieged.  Show yourself by your example.  But don’t make yourself a target.  There is strength in groups.  There is strength is planning.  And there is strength in being prepared.

When I lived in Saudi Arabia, I was struck by women’s imaginativeness in carrying things like insect spray to ward off attackers.  “Wasp spray works the best,” one older woman smilingly told me.  Another somberly advised, “Buy a pair of sewing scissors, and STAB them!” while pulling an enormous pair of shears out of her purse.

Start thinking hard about what you are prepared to do to save your life, the life of your child, the lives of your family, friends, and neighbors, and especially the lives of strangers.  Take a real life-saving first-aid course.  Learn CPR.  Be prepared to act.

If you visit nightclubs regularly, take a good look around.  Is there anything that can be used as weapon to stop a gunman?  Is there a stool or even a table that can be thrown at a gunman to knock him down?  Liquor bottles from the bar?  Does the place have sprinklers?  Can they be turned on to distract him? Where are the fire extinguishers?  Instead of texting friends and family as the gunman goes on his rampage, use your time to save yourself and others.  This requires cooperative behavior, and perhaps some training.  You can "mob" and "rush" the gunman, as some Europeans have done.  It really only takes two persons working together to at least knock him down.  But planning to meet deadly force requires team work.  it’s easy and perhaps even fun to train yourself and friends.  Go to Walmart and buy some inexpensive wooden bar stools, and practice throwing them at targets in your back yard.  Practice hurling them.  Head to an expansive, open space if you need more room.

Imagine if Omar Mateen had been struck with a flying bar stool.   Now, imagine what might have happened if Omar Mateen had been struck by 20 flying bar stools, and then "mobbed."

Clubs and places of large public gathering need to become more security-conscious.  Tell club owners that you don’t mind paying an extra dollar’s admission so that the owner can hire an armed security guard to at least do a quick “wand” metal detector search of all patrons.

Much ado is made on CNN that Omar Mateen may have been a “gay” in the closet who flipped out, and ISIS is just his ruse.  Even if this is one-tenth true, what is clear to me is that Omar’s many visits to Club Pulse were much more about “casing the joint” and doing what I just described– looking for the exits, looking for things that could thwart his demonic plans, and planning for success.  Gay or not, in or out of the closet, Mateen’s visits were what the military calls “Reccing”– reconnoitering, which means to familiarize yourself with a battle area and targets.

Americans everywhere need to start doing the same.

Does Hillary Clinton really have the backs of gay America, or any Americans?

Maybe.  But if her hand is empty, and without a weapon, she’s just another victim of ISIS.

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