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Jeff Crouere discusses his 1st book, "America's Last Chance"

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America is at a crossroads.  This is America’s last chance but it must be achieved by a leader and a message from outside of the system, not from within.

This is the message of Jeff Crouere’s first book, properly titled, America’s Last Chance, which has just been published and released, for sales.

His book can be purchased online through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles or via his site below.

For me, Jeff’s writing a book on US politics is a well-anticipated milestone.  I knew being an author was a goal of his and surely, given the circumstances, now would be as good of a time, as ever.  A talk show host, emcee and political organizer must have something to say about what is occurring nationally in one of the most bizarre election-years in recent American history.  Still, his ability to find time, organize his thoughts and write, given his many other obligations and endeavors, is a real achievement, even for someone as gifted in his ability to express his views.  

For years, Jeff Crouere and I have disagreed and argued on his radio talk show about the state of political affairs locally and nationally.  But politics and issues are second nature to him.  He talks about the latest news topics for four hours every morning, driving long distances to the studio.  He has written hundreds columns for Bayoubuzz.com in the roughly 15 years of our existence—now writing twice a week.  His opinions are picked up internationally through TownHall.com and other publications.

Jeff and I co-founded and currently produce (and he has emceed the politically incorrect newsmaker -comedy show), Politics with a Punch, now in its 14th year to wonderful crowds.  

He hosts his own TV show Ringside Politics, a program he has run for almost as many years as his radio shows. 

Besides all of this, plus being a wonderful parent of two young college students and a loving husband, somehow he made time to pursue a long-time goal—authoring a novel.  Anybody who knows Jeff can confirm that available time is not a commodity which Jeff enjoys plenty.  In  addition to handling a host of other radio sales and other responsibilities that would make one’s head twirl, the founder and leader of the Northshore Tea Party, now has his first political tome to his credit.   

So, last night, it was indeed my pleasure to see my good friend discuss what I consider to be a major undertaking, something so many of us would love to do, if only we had something to say and perhaps half the time.

Via online video, Jeff and I discussed his new literary contribution, his reason for writing it, his goals, the process, how he plans to promote it and even the influences of Donald Trump and others. 

Below is the playlist of the videos of our interview along with summaries of the individual clips: 

PART I: Jeff Crouere’s gnawing feeling prompting his book America’s Last Chance
Jeff Crouere said writing a book has been gnawing at him now for years although the opportunity arose relatively recently.  
He said the overall theme of the book is that America is at the crossroads, he has heard the suffering from his callers his readings and decided to address the issues involving national security, our country’s national debt, border security, the lack of leadership.  He blames both political parties for our problems.  He says there must be a course correction, a new direction, or else.  Jeff said he wanted to get his book out earlier this spring, took a little longer than anticipated but is now (finally) published and released four months prior to the national elections, so hopefully, it can make an impact.  

PART II: America’s Last Chance, Bush-Obamacare disasters
Jeff Crouere says that President Obama’s administration was a continuation of that of George W. Bush in terms of the doubling of the national debt, entitlements, too much government, foreign policies, trade, border security.  His book focuses upon the national debt, borders, terrorism and leadership—all needing changes for America’s survival.  
His book also notes that fewer people are accessing the American dream, the private sector is not growing but government is, our manufacturing base has deteriorated and the number of people no longer seeking employment has skyrocketed to exceptional and worrying heights.
PART III Workhorse Jeff Crouere, finds time and direction for America’s Last Chance book
How did Jeff Crouere, have the time, direction and focus to achieve his goal of writing a book about the national political scene?  Apparently, he found it.  He said that roughly a year ago, an associate of his (who handles authors) encouraged him to write the book.  She helped him with the process, with connecting with editors, and others.  He also credits his wife, who he says is a “marketing genius”.  He managed to work on the book amid all of the other distractions and obligations grabbing hhis attentions, as he said, working on it “here and there”.
Ed Clancy, a well-know radio personality in the New Orleans area explained Jeff’s passion for achievement and work-product.  On the new website, Jeff Crouere.com, Clancy states, in part, ““I just want to know one thing: how many Jeff Crouere’s are there? There’s must be about five or six, perhaps some of them are clones, because no one person could generate the output of work that this man does. “

PART IV:Jeff  Crouere talks process of writing and promoting  first book, America’s Last Chance
So, how does one actually write a book on a subject so broad, US politics and the country’s last chance?  Jeff discussed the process, how he filtered through his research and prior columns, made the decision to focus upon a major topic, worked with editor, graphic designer in hope to get the book out during the spring of 2016.  He also discussed the various ways he hopes to promote this first book via interviews, book signings, social media and other means.

PART V: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson were inspirations for book, America’s Last Chance
Yes, even a radio and TV political talk show host needs inspiration in going through the process of putting thoughts to keystrokes.  Crouere stated that their messages inspired his writing and helped him crystalize the overall thesis--that America’s last chance needs to be fulfilled by an outsider to the American system.  According to Jeff, it can’t and won’t be done, from within. 
Visit Jeff Crouere’s website, JeffCrouere.com and yes, you can order his book, America’s Last Chance. 

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