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Trump, House Democrats, symbols of our new Eve of American Destruction

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From the right, they say, the House must come down, the government is failing “we the people”.

They cry: "We need another American Revolution and the political messiah must come from the outside, not from within". 

Their savior gets more popular with one outrageous statement after another.  Their adulation goes to the disrupter. They demand a political nuclear bomb.  With every red meat bigoted idea, lacking any practical solution, regardless of the insult, the new lord is exalted.  They readily excuse and justify each bizarre statement he makes.

They defend thug ranchers with a small arsenal, taking over government property. Instead of demanding arrests, they elevated the rebellious to martyrdom.  

The other political extreme is no better.  They disrupt debate halls of political speech from voices they don't like. Worse, they choose violence over civil protest to get attention and to scare others.  

Now, House of Representatives Democrats, of all who should know better, engage in their own thuggery.  So-called "lawmakers" out of frustration and preference for their own political theater, defy the rules of our most important and serious American institutions, our Congress.   

Indeed, the House Dem target, the NRA and their political puppets intentionally misstate and completely ignore reasonable solutions.  They wave the flag of manlihood, announncing change will destroy our precious second amendment.  Yet, the industry offers no fixes to stop gun violence and only demonize those asking questions or desperately seeking new answers.  

The extremes call for political revolution and back the outrages catalysts for change.  They ignore the importance of federal domains.  Some intimidate based upon religion.  Others physically attack those who who are attracted to beats of a different political drummer.  And, now, of those who surely know they must set examples for the rest of the nation, they obliterate House rules.  In doing so, under the romanticism of civil rights era gone by, regardless of motivations, their actions deny our country’s legitimacy.  

Once any political group favors demolition of our basic systems, once we lionize a disrupter for the country's top job, once we create apologies for anarchists who lack respect for the government, once we close our eyes to bloodying of the democratic process, we must know, there are severe consequences.

Once we hijack the rules of our nation's most important institution of government, we send a message to everyone within electronic earshot--all  acts of protest, regardless of reason, can be excused. 

Our country deserves much more from our Democratic Party leaders and from those Republicans demanding easy, outrageous, fawning patriotic and even bigoted solutions to our most complicated problems.  

Americans must reject the shrill cries from American extremists, on both sides of the political spectrum.   Americans must be repulsed by our own leaders accepting mob control instead of law and order.  

The political extremists seek to wreck without knowing or even caring where the carnage will take us.  

Yet, the greatest damage of all comes from those of us who watch from the quiet middle and who remain silent to the frigehtening noise we hear and the ruination, we see.

The seimec quakes of the senseless and angry mobs, shake our institutional walls.  But, the silence of the voices peering from the middle, in quiet support of those screaming from the outside, ultimately and sadly causes our greatest destruction of all. 


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