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Trump will put an end to Obama's dreamer machine with Muslim, Mexican immigration

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Who has a dream?

How about a dream that everyone obeys the laws?

That’s a good dream, but U.S. President Obama and the Democratic Party don’t share it.

Their dream is different.

Obama and the Democrats’ dream is that those who broke the law and continue to break the law should be rewarded for breaking the law by being given a “path to American citizenship.”

But in fact, there is a well-worn path to U.S. citizenship.  It involves filling out a lot of forms, being interviewed perhaps more than once, and patiently waiting for one’s turn.  Not everyone gets in, either.  The United States does not have to accept everyone who wants to come here.  Therefore, to thwart the rules and laws and inconvenience of having to fill out lots of forms, being interviewed perhaps more than once, and patiently waiting for one’s turn, some persons just come– perhaps illegally (running grave risks of violence to themselves and also to U.S. Border Guards and officials), or semi-illegally, as when a person comes to the United States on a tourist or student visa, and then “overstays.”


And then, they complain and complain that they can’t do this, can’t do that, can’t get a bank account, can’t get a driver’s license, can’t get car insurance, have to earn less than they could if only the citizens of America would just respect their right to ignore and disobey America’s laws.

Why, oh why, cannot Americans just get with the program?

Statistics indicate that there are 4 million “illegals” uhm, no wait, wait, wait– I’ve been corrected.

There are 4 million “dreamers.”

Because, you see, doing illegal things, breaking U.S. laws, and the like– it’s all fine, in the world of Obama and the Democrats.

What of those persons who wait in very long lines in their countries of origin for the chance to legally enter the United States and become citizens?

Do those persons who obey the laws of the United States not have dreams?

Think hard before blaming “evil Republicans” for the defeat of President Obama and the Democrats’ “dream” immigration legislation.

Who are we letting in?  If 4 million “illegals” “live in the shadows,” as Democrats claim, why would we want to bestow the considerable gift of citizenship upon them?


“So they can pay taxes” is a lame answer.  If “illegals” earn income here, they are required by law to pay taxes on it, regardless of their status.  Many “illegals” who care about paying taxes circumvent this by using an “ITIN” Individual Tax Identification Number– so likely not much of a benefit to be gained there.

Think hard about the effects of letting lawbreakers have their “dreams” fulfilled, and at the same time, holding other foreigners wanting citizenship to a higher standard.

Much ado is made of the fact that the immigration “bars” proposed by Donald Trump would not have prevented Muslim terrorist and radical Islamist fanatic Omar Mateen from being in the United States.  But that is not exactly true. Omar Mateen was only fortunate enough to be born in the United States because his parents were allowed to enter, and give life to their “dream”

But what was the Mateen family’s “dream,” exactly?

The Mateen family patriarch seems to “dream” about a world in which terror organizations like Al Qaeda triumph over America and the West.  The internet flows with evidence that Omar’s father dreams mostly about becoming President of Afghanistan– the country he and his wife left supposedly so that they could come to America and live a “dream” life.  There is also a lot of proof that Omar himself had a dream– of being a violent, perverted radical Islamist jihadi, determined to die, and determined to kill as many Americans as he could before expiring.

What about Omar’s victims’ dreams? Do these not count as much as the dreams of “illegals?”

Republicans are right to insist upon America’s laws being followed, and also to insist that Obama’s Executive activism not be allowed to Trump...oh, man, I honestly did not intend to write that!  But trump the fundamental separation of powers upon which American democracy is based.

Changes in law must be directed through the legislature.

The Founding Fathers had a “dream” when they risked their lives and fortunes to create the United States, and their “dream” of America should and must be the one that endures.

Perhaps it is not Omar Mateen, but other terrorists who killed Americans in the name of radical Islam, like the Tsarnaev brothers who used pressure cookers filled with nails to bomb the Boston Marathon, who we should consider when we think about immigrants and their “dreams.”  Both Tsarnaev brothers– Tamerlan and Dzholchar– were born in Russia of a Chechen father and an Avar mother.  The terrorists’ parents entered the United States illegally on a tourist visa, overstayed, and then claimed political asylum– which was granted, even as both Tsarnaevs became increasingly “religious” and increasingly critical of their adopted county despite her taking welfare and despite her children receiving excellent educations– largely as a result of charity and aid.  When Mrs. Tsarnaev was arrested for shoplifting over a thousand dollars of clothing and defacing property, her response was not to obey America’s laws and live out her American “dream,” but to instead flee the jurisdiction rather than appear for trial, and return to...Russia!

And not to the secular Russia of education and business and go-go ways, but to an increasingly insular Muslim community in Russia.

Did Mrs. Tsarnaev love America, American ways, and the American people?

Hanging out in her homeland, after her sons unleashed days of mayhem and murder on thousands of others, Mrs. Tsarnaev said “thank Allah” she was back in Russia.

Asked whether her sons were radical Islamist terrorist fanatics, she replied that this was just another American plot, like 9/11, to discredit Muslims.  She said the blood that ran in the street and spattered the victims was “just red paint.”  She said it was all lies, spread by terrible Americans who hated God-fearing Muslims.

She never said she was sorry.  Instead, Mrs. Tsarnaev said that Americans will BE SORRY once Islam becomes resurgent throughout the land.

Trump’s immigration reforms, carefully carried out, could have prevented the Boston terror bombings, for sure.  There is a big reason why Chechens and Avar Muslim extremists seek to come to the United States.  Russia takes a dim view of terrorists and extremists, and deals with them harshly.  Russia also fought a war to defeat the Chechnyan separatists’ movement– a movement that began in Mrs. Tsarnaev’s hometown.

What do immigrants bring with them, along with their “dreams?”

At the very least, Trump’s reforms would put wanna-be citizens on notice that flaunting America’s laws will not be a good “dream,” but a bad “dream.”  Bad “dreams” end in deportation.

Dreams are good to have.  But obeying America’s laws right from the get-go should be the first leg of any “illegal’s” ticket to Dreamland. 

Trump, House Democrats, symbols of our new Eve of American Destruction

From the right, they say, the House must come down, the government is failing “we the people”.

They cry: "We need another American Revolution and the political messiah must come from the outside, not from within". 


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