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EUREKA: It's LIVE, on Facebook, it's Video Streaming Showtime!!

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Today, was one of those “Eureka” moments.
I’ve been using video and online technology for roughly ten years, engaging in online interviews, political talk shows, talk radio live webcasts, collaborative online meetings and so much more.

Have used Periscope, Google Hangouts, Blab, Youtube and various other online broadcasting tools to connect people from around the world, I, like so many others, have toyed and failed and toiled once again, and dreamed
For over twenty-six years, have been dabbling with online services, social media, web technologies.  Have waited for the killer app, thought I ran into it, only to find out that something better has come around the corner.
Today is one of those moments when, for me, my version of the killer app has met the killer audience.  Again, at least, for me.
After experimenting with Facebook live and other out-of-the-box technologies, trying to connect them so they talk with one another, we did what many of us having been trying to do now for at least four years.  We had a multi-party video stream conversation across the globe, (in this case three people), and broadcasting into Facebook.  
That is awesome.
Are we the only people who have done this?  I hear there are others.  Regardless, the more the merrier.  
Why is this technological development important?
Well, again, for one, it is Facebook.

It is the social media killer app.  That is where the audience is.  It’s huge.  
Which means, in short, streaming video shows directly to our Facebook audiences using Facebook Live.
Oh, but you say, no biggie there.  Been doing that now for months.
Me too.  But this is different.  
This time, it is more than one person broadcasting to a facebook audience using a phone.  This is using the desktop computer (laptop), connecting with people around the world, as we appear on the Facebook screens and then, asking our Facebook friends to join in.  They can be in the video broadcast live or chat with us, and with others.
Here is a short take of the first successful program.
The audio is not perfect because one of the participants had a bad connection, but, that is minor.
We know it works.
And, the next one will be without any audio interference.
Think Facebook TV.

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