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Letterman-like Ten Reasons President Obama-Lynch will pardon Hillary Clinton

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Comedian David Letterman retired a while back.

But he was famous for his “Top Ten” lists, and so today, I present to you this:


1.  There is nothing to indicate that Hillary’s private server was ever breached.  

2.  It’s time to move on.

3.  There’s nothing new here.

4.  Nothing to see, nothing to look at, keep moving.

5.  Hillary’s assistant and surrogate daughter, Huma Abedin, needs a job to support her weiner-flashing hubby, disgraced former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner. 

6.  Career prosecutors have better things to do, like catching dangerous criminals and running down I...I...Issss...Issss...ISIL.  There.  I said it the way Obama says it.  The way that ISIS likes it.

7.  Look!  Donald Trump’s red “Make America Great” hat just blew off!

8.  Michelle Obama wants to be president next, and it will be easier if Hillary goes first.

9.  If Hillary wins, she will nominate Barak to the U.S. Supreme Court, and hey, at least he has a law degree!  

And finally, there’s this reason:

10.  To allow Hillary Clinton to be criminally indicted will deny millions of Americans the right to vote for her.

That one, that number ten– that’s the biggie, isn’t it!

Loretta Lynch has been a Clinton appointee throughout her entire professional life.  Bill Clinton appointed Lynch to her first powerful job, and she has been beholden to the Clintons ever since.  Now, as U.S. Attorney General, Lynch remains a political employee.  She wasn’t hired through a tough impartial vetting process, but was selected by the Obama Administration, with a little help from friends of Bill and Hill.  And this is also true for Lynch’s first assistant, who is also a political appointee.  How far does the chain of political appointments go?

Pretty far.  Is anyone truly a “career prosecutor” anymore, if they ever were?

The FBI takes a different view of Hillary’s pesky deleted emails and private server problem than Loretta Lynch’s office does.  Lynch has smoothly talked about how she will NOT talk about the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s State Department “safety practices” and “security practices.”  But this is not what the FBI is all about.

The FBI investigates CRIMES, not “safety practices.”

As I write this, Loretta Lynch, occupier of one of the highest and most powerful offices in the land, is chatting at the Aspen Institute, a liberal-friendly venue if ever there was one, with a CNN host about what she did or didn’t do.  She keeps using the word “career” to describe those persons who are investigating Hillary.  She refuses to “recuse” herself from the process– even though her recusal is frankly necessary.  Lynch steadfastly declares that the process– HER process– is A-political.  Apolitical.  As in: 

11.  No politics!  There’s nothing political going on here, folks!  Just a bunch of busy “career” people moving around, pushing paper, doing their jobs, watching the clock until the election gets all underway!

But the FBI is different.  Remember– the FBI investigates CRIMES.

They do not do anything else.

And no way should the FBI ever defer to Loretta Lynch.

They do not investigate private computer server “safety” issues.

Not if they are doing their jobs.

The FBI does not investigate private computer server “security” issues.

Not if they are doing their jobs.

Investigating CRIMES– the word that Lynch refuses to say–  is what the FBI will be looking at when Lynch says that “the FBI will be looking at facts and following the law.”

She dances around and around.

Lynch won’t use that “C” word– “CRIMES.”

But that is why the FBI is looking at Hillary. 

At her Aspen chat, Loretta Lynch sounds like she’s almost channeling Hillary’s disembodied voice.  But Lynch MUST recuse herself.  The law that Lynch claims to defend in her office requires her to recuse.  Her career mentor, Bill, met with her during an investigation into his wife, Hillary.   At best, their tete-a-tete reeks of crony elbow-rubbing.  At worst, it is exactly what Trump has been saying all along– “The Fix is in,” and “One set of rules for you and another for them.”  

The FBI investigates CRIMES.

The Department of Justice prosecutes crimes that have been brought to it by the FBI.

The Loretta Lynch- Bill Clinton- Hillary Clinton triangle is a car crash that’s hard to look away from.

But this is exactly what “Crooked Hillary” wants us to do.


And it’s the only way that she can win.

Sarah Whalen

sarahw2Sarah Whalen is a university journalism instructor, attorney and author.

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