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Clinton, Obama afraid to hurt ISIS's feelings, Trump will kick terrorists butts

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t takes a village to create a suicide bomber.

It takes a village....

Where have we heard this before?

Oh, right, right, right.

Way, way back, when Hillary Clinton was trying to convince Americans that she loved and cared about children (even though her own daughter was raised by full-time nannies), she wrote a book about how It Takes a Village” to turn children into good citizens.


You remember them.

“If you decide to have them,” as America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama, famously said last week in Spain at a conference exhorting girls to become educated.

Is Michelle saying that girls’ education depends upon abortion?

Michelle’s trip puffs up her own relevance in preparation for a future run at the U.S. presidency, especially if Hillary fails to become the first woman president of the United States.

Breaking that glass ceiling is so, so complicated.

Feminists can’t understand why some don’t embrace this “historic” opportunity to vote on principal for Hillary, who is a woman.  But we already voted one candidate into high office using that theory, that he would be the first “African American” president (even though his American mother was Caucasian and his African father was not American).  And what did we get?  

A ho-hum administration for eight long years at best.  At worst, Benghazi and hoards of ISIS emboldened terrorists trained abroad and nurtured at home....

Obama’s ho-hum administration gave Al Qaeda and ISIS eight long years to take over Iraq and Syria, and then unleash a tide of murder and mayhem across the Western World.

In that light, we stare at that glass ceiling and ask: What’s the big deal about being America’s first this or that?

What we need is an American president who can kick some ass.

And which candidate can do that the best– Hillary or Donald Trump?

What we need is a candidate who is not a dual national owing allegiance, however abstractly, to some foreign power– even one as distant and incompetent as Kenya. 

Obama’s “ho-hum” presidency proves we don’t need a president who believes in Hillary’s Village.  Many Americans want a president who believes that “America Can Be Great Again!”

And we need one more thing– a president who can and will kick ISIS’s ass, and also who will say its name.



Keep saying it, Americans!  Keep writing it!  ISIS!  ISIS!  ISIS!

Don’t be afraid to do the things that ISIS really doesn’t like.  Saying “ISIS” and attributing it to that gang of psychopathic child molesters, depraved kidnappers of women, ghoulish murderers of innocents and Nazified leaders of zombified suicide-vested lackeys is the duty of every American who loves his country.  And if you are a Muslim American, you need to say “ISIS” all the more because ISIS has you and your children, Muslim Americans, in its sights.

Saying “ISIS” to ISIS is like tying them to chairs while a first-grade four-eyed teacher rakes her nails screetchingly across the blackboard, over and over again.

Dare to change their programming.

See, ISIS doesn’t like to be called “ISIS” because “ISIS” is NOT “Islamic.”  ISIS is the pagan goddess of, well, of almost everything.  Temples were built to her in Egypt and across the ancient world.  ISIS– the heretical Islamic extremist terror group--considers itself a bastion of the only “true Islam.  Today’s “ISIS” certainly doesn’t want to be named after a pagan goddess (even though this naming was initially ISIS’s own dumb mistake).  When ISIS finally figured out what its initials were in English, it had to backtrack to call itself different things that are more “Islamically” politically correct, like “ISIL” (Obama’s favorite), or “Daesh.”

Awww....  But too late!


Say it loud!  Say it proud!

In mainstream Islam, “joining partners with Allah” is “shirk,” the deadliest sin.  Tying Islam to a pagan Egyptian goddess is Islamic heresy– which ISIS did all by itself, showing that its leaders are doofusses when it comes to understanding true Islam.  

And now, Obama wants to discourage Americans from calling “ISIS” “ISIS.”  

Ooooh!  Why?

Obama does not want to make ISIS angry with him, or with Michelle, who may be trying to break that glass ceiling soon enough herself.

“Don’t make the terrorists mad!” warns Hillary’s Village.  “Don’t bully them!  Don’t call them names like ‘ISIS’!”

But why not?

The radical Islamic extremist terrorists are already mad– bloodthirsty and drenched in the blood of those they hate simply for their very humanity.  Just ask anyone in New York City, London, Bali, Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Moscow, Orlando, California, Istanbul, Bangladesh, and so many more places on the planet.

It’s time for America to elect a leader brave and quick to action who will put down the rabid dogs of ISIS forever.


Western Civilization is on the line.

Reaction to FBI's Comey's Hillary Clinton email decision & Trump tweet

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