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Reaction to FBI's Comey's Hillary Clinton email decision & Trump tweet

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So, for all practical purposes, it is over.
Hillary Clinton likely won’t be a criminal.  At least, not now, and not about her emails.

The FBI Director James B. Comey, in a rather unprecedent manner, announced that while Hillary Clinton was reckless and careless and while some really bad people could have invaded classified documents, she did not have the intent needed to be violative of relevant laws.
Moments after Comey completed his announcement, I decided to render my opinion using Youtube streaming. 
My overall points:
Comey, based upon his analysis appears to be correct.  A point I have been making ever since the word “crime” was associated with Hillary and email, has been—if the FBI cannot find the intent to violate the law, there would be no crime.
Reckless, careless?  Absolutely.
But, not illegal to the extent that it would be criminal.  If we want to change the law, then, let’s do so.  If we want to charge people with gross negligence, then, that is what Congress is for and why it is being paid.  
However, Donald Trump has another opinion which he has trumpeted now for months.  Under no circumstance can the FBI not conclude that she did not violate the law.  Trump has a pattern of opining about things of which he has no knowledge.  He has recently stated on twitter that she absolutely should be indicted because what she did was wrong.  That is not enough, and Trump should know this.  
You don’t indict people because they’ve done something “wrong”.
If that were the case, in my opinion, Trump would be in jail for a long long period of time before seeing the light of day.
For one, making that type of statement is an insult to the hard working FBI agents who are non-political and are employed regardless who might be President.
Obviously, I said much more than this overview.  I invite you to watch and to share with others.


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