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Obama and Clinton plays political games game with foreign policy, not Trump

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President Barak Obama took the stage in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 5, 2016, just hours after FBI Director James Comey described Hillary Clinton’s handling of U.S. State Department documents as “extremely careless.”  Obama said Hillary was a “great” U.S. Secretary of State.  But Obama says this with a strange caveat: “People believed that Hillary was a great U.S. Secretary of State “before the whole political machinery got moving.”

The whole political machinery?” 

The “political machinery” Obama refers to is the United States House Select Committee on Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi, which brought to light Hillary’s misuse of her own private computer and email server for official government business, and even secret business.  Without that “political machinery”and the Republican panel that followed it, Americans would never have learned the truth about Hillary’s private computer and email server, as well as how these were likely hacked by America’s frienemies– especially Russia and China, and also by real enemies like ISIS.

Do America’s enemies have America’s secrets because Hillary put top secret and classified  documents on her personal server?  FBI Director James Comey answered that “it cannot be ruled out,” which is pretty close to “yes.”

So Hillary hardly did a “great job” when she was at the State Department.

“Everybody thought she was doing a great job,” said Obama, before the truth came to light.  “But she did a good job,” Obama concluded.  Did he misspeak– saying “good” when he meant to say “great?”  Or was it a Freudian slip?

Let’s see– a “great job” versus a “good job,” and blame it all on Benghazi– otherwise known as “the whole political machinery.”

Just don’t say that “B” word– “Benghazi.”

Instead, to puff up Hillary’s wilted credentials, Obama used the “BL” word– as in “Bin Laden.”  Why, says Obama, Hillary was right there in the “situation room” when he gave the order to kill Osama Bin Laden, the man who headed Al Qaeda and orchestrated the 9/11 atrocities.  

Let’s see– to kill Bin Laden, or not kill Bin Laden....  Is that even a choice?  Who would dare to vote “no?”  If voting “yes” to kill Osama Bin Laden means that someone is qualified to run for president, then you, me– we are all worthy presidential candidates, too!

And what about Donald Trump?  Wouldn’t he have voted “yes” in the Situation Room to strike at Bin Laden?

As Sarah Palin would famously say, “You betcha!”

Hillary’s State Department career was highlighted by the abysmal failures of Egypt and Libya.  In Tunisia, western tourists were brazenly murdered.  Clinton’s “Arab Spring” was an absolute failure, unless you count “democracy” as ushering in the new age of the terrorist-Islamic caliphate and unleashing the Muslim Brotherhood.  In particular, the miserable bloody murders of former Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi, his son, defense minister, and their entourage hauntingly foreshadowed what would later befall the very misguided and all-too-optimistic American ambassador and the Americans sheltering with him in the “New” Libya.  Clinton-ordered NATO strikes killed 53 in Gaddafi’s group; another 66 people were then murdered “extrajudicially” and dumped into a mass grave by thugs armed by Clinton. 

Cell phone videos show Hillary’s “freedom fighters” anally raping Gaddafi with a bayonet as he died.

Was Libya better off with Gaddafi running the show?

As Sarah Palin would famously say, “You betcha!”

Anxious to avoid Saddam Hussein’s fate, Gaddafi disabled Libya’s nuclear program and shared intelligence on al Qaeda and ISIS with the CIA. Even Defense Secretary Robert Gates disagreed with Hillary. Gaddafi, said Gates, was not a threat.  “Can I finish the two wars I’m already in before you guys go looking for a third one?” Gates pointedly asked Hillary before Gaddafi was murdered.

Hillary learned nothing from the Iraq War.  Destabilizing dictators leads to what former President George W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld famously called “messy” politics– chaos, violence, mob riots, and murders that approach genocidal quantities.  Hillary’s “messy democracy” in Libya was not only a colossal failure, but inspired copycats and ISIS admirers to plunge headlong into Syria, seize large parts of it, and destroy it.  These radical Islamic thugs then burst back into Iraq, which Hillary claimed was stabilized, and began the war all over again.

And America’s weapons and ammunition stockpiles in Libya (which under Clinton’s direction had been funneled through Turkey and Qatar to anti-Assad Syrian Muslim extremists) were “liberated.”  Some of these weapons were likely used to murder the American Ambassador Christopher Stevens and those who died with him– a mere eleven months after the “freedom fighters” killed Gaddafi so savagely.  

Meanwhile, ISIS has spread its carnage all across the world– much of it under Hillary’s State Department watch.

Who’s more clueless– Hillary Clinton, or Barak Obama, the man whose presidential mantle she longs to wear?

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